Losers for Biden: Romney Campaign Alums Abandon GOP for Joe

Spangler told the Washington Times that “dozens and dozens” of his former colleagues on Romney’s failed 2012 campaign have “signed up” to be a part of the “network,” whatever that means.

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  1. Just showing their true colors and how serving and doing right by the American people was never in the agenda!!! At least the dems serve you up a straight sh!t burger as opposed to giving you a sh!t burger and covering it up with condiments….and expect you to eat it with a smile

  2. They know they’re never going to get those cushy government jobs with Romney (he’s only a Senator) so they take the only chance they have left and that’s Biden. If Biden wins they’ll go on the Sunday talk shows and lie and say that his victory was due to these principled conservatives who turned away from the party they loved to support the man they thought could save the country. Biden will have to give them those cushy, no show, high paid jobs. I hope they die badly.

  3. As terrible as I thought it would be for Obama to get a second term, I am now so glad that Romney lost. All of the lies the Dems told about him are not nearly as bad as the truth of this scumbag.

  4. Mitt…we’ve always known who you are. Thank you for confirming it.

    You’re a borne loser just like your dad.

  5. Romney’s dad was the head of American Motors Corp. and you know how much of a POS car company AMC was. Like father like son, both are losers. I wasted my vote on Mittens in 2012 and I will not be fooled by a bunch of cowardly, chicken shit losers trying to tell me that Trump is a bigger scumbag than these POS losers are. I ain’t buying any of their malarkey ever again.

  6. The globalists, big C commies and these assholes understand and accept that their path to the destruction of the West and total global control is not a straight line, but more like a “sawtooth” pattern.
    Periods like johnson, clinton and oblabberer were the points and cutting edges, where the sudden, unstoppable progress is made and they see the periods of nixon, both booshes and (like it or not) Reagan were the “gullets” where chaff if passed aside, the “Rebublican” posers come in and settle the masses, pretend to “fight back”, but don’t reverse anything. These periods are where the globalists regroup, assess their progress and plan for the next “cut”.
    Reagan as an individual was great, but the posers surrounding him managed to prevent him from reversing much. The booshes were definitely posers who fooled us long enough to get elected. They had mcStain and willard in place to be the gullets in case oblabberer couldn’t win.
    President Trump is definitely not a poser, but a true USA patriot. They were not prepared for him. They had another boosh (please clap…) in place to be the gullet in case hitlery couldn’t get elected in 2016.
    The Romney crew (and I include mcConnel, ryan, sessions and many others) are the current posers, but the mask is off and they are running scared since it is now obvious to all that all their schemes to push biden on us are collapsing and President Trump should easily win re-election.

  7. So the same people that didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 are not going to vote for him in 2020. Total yawn. Are they going to cart out another Evan McMullin?! Where are all those third party candidates that would totally take down Trump. I suspect they aren’t going that route because they know that would hurt Biden more. Romney I was told bullied his way to become the Republican nominee in UT. He is what Trump would call a total loser.

  8. If Romney were to come to your house, insist on putting plastic down before he sits down anywhere.

  9. What rats.
    What backstabbers.
    What corrupt hacks.
    What fucking TRAITORS.

    Quick money first, country second.

  10. These people never were real conservatives or true republicans were they? Just guys who will do or say anything for a buck.

  11. @No Momma Obama July 2, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    > These people never were real conservatives or true republicans were they? Just guys who will do or say anything for a buck.

    What do you think “real conservatives” and “true republicans” are?

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