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Losing your mind can be ugly


19th Ward:


CHICAGO – Luis Gutierrez doubled down his defense of “Dreamers” Friday, saying “If there is no pathway forward [for Dreamers] … then there is no government for anyone,” the Illinois congressman said Friday, speaking through tears. “We will shut it down.”
Gutierrez continues the ranting he started earlier this week. Not one Illinois Democrat has publicly criticized Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-04) for his insulting comments towards President Donald Trump’s chief of staff General John Kelly made earlier this week. Gutierrez blamed General Kelly for the president’s decision to end Barack Obama’s executive order setting the DACA program into place.
“General Kelly is a hypocrite who is a disgrace to the uniform he used to wear,” Gutierrez angrily vented this week after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the president’s decision Tuesday. Kelly “has no honor and should be drummed out of the White House

along with the white supremacists and those enabling the President’s actions by ‘just following orders,’” the Illinois congressman said.  MORE


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  1. And what is so fucking maddening is there are morons wearing pussyhats hanging on everything these jackasses say, pretending they understand, and it is sooooo meaningful, and soooo deep. I hate libs!

  2. John Kelly’s proper response. “I’ve served my country for over 40 years. I lost a son in defense of our country. I’m 67 years old, but the next time I meet Luis Gutierrez I’m going to choke the life right out of that Mexican Official.”

  3. Just FYI, this vile, little ankle-biter ain’t Mexican, he’s Puerto Rican. Don’t go pawning this shit-stain on us Americans of Mexican descent, we got enough of these traitorous sewer rats to deal with. Which makes this wretched little turd even more despicable. He advocates for illegals as if he’s one of them and his contempt for America and Americans borders on sedition and treason. For any representative of the American people to say and do the things this vile scum does and says is inexcusable. It made my blood boil that this gutless little maggot would dare to call out a true warrior and patriot like Gen. Kelly in such a disgraceful manner and it should be grounds for impeachment or at least some sort of sanctions on this pandering,despicable excuse for a human being.

  4. julio, down by the school yard.

    Thanks for the insight dude. I always thought he was Mex. He’s a vile little piece of shit. I’ll be sure and put blame where it due from now on.

  5. Now The Dreamers Can go Back Home With Superior Educations , and Become Doctor’s Lawers etc… OOOOOH That’s Right They Didn’t Like School so They Were on The Streets !!!

  6. There’s a chance here to defeat the Dems in Illinois if they start now. Any drop in the black unemployment rate in that state could be attributed to Trumps policies and hint that cancelling DACA could make even more jobs available to blacks. Create ads that use Gutierrez’s rants as a backdrop to showing increases in black employment and get some soundbites with blacks that have recently found decent employment. Start now with the ads especially in black dominant hoods and just maybe the Dems lose a big piece of the black vote and maybe a few congress seats. Don’t worry about the hispanic vote because Republicans won’t get them anyway. Start the ball now.

  7. DACA is clearly unconstitutional. What part of the Constitution of the United States of America is Luis Guitierrez unable to comprehend? Could it be Article 1, Section 8 that limits the power of a President to enumerate immigration policy? Why, no less a constitutional scholar than Barack Hussein Obama once recognized this limitation on Presidential Power, before he decided to ignore it in order to buy Hispanic votes and rally the Left to continue the Fundamental Transformation/Destruction of this country. I don’t know how President Trump can ignore this limitation of Presidential Power either, so I suspect that he expects Congress to do its duty to uphold the Constitution. Gutierrez is a race baiting traitor, and that will become more apparent the longer this plays out. He’s doing a great job of inflaming the voters. Insulting patriotic Americans is always a stupid way to win a debate.

  8. OK, Luis. Shut it down. I’m sure you can find a nice spot outside Home Depot to hang out all day. If you’re actually willing to work, that is.

  9. We need to do what the left does, and set up a Primary challenge with a moderate who will pretend to be even more extreme until elected.

  10. He looks a lot like that pervert, Anthony Wiener. I wonder if we should take a look into his Social Media postings as they related to minors.

  11. Don’t you wonder why all these mexicans are trying to turn America into mexico, instead of turning mexico into America?

    The fucking cowardly hypocrites come here escaping the clutches of the corruption and despair of hispanic-ism and then preach that bullshit about the wonders of hispanic-ism, and how fortunate we are to be infested with that particular disease.

    Give me a fuckin break.

    If mexico and the hispanic experience is so fucking great, why are you here?

    Yeah … that’s what I thought … you and your ilk are lying fucking hypocrites.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Hmmm? No DACA, no Government? Is that no United States Government? Or no Illinois Government? Or, just no Chicago Government? You know what? I don’t care. I’m in!

    And, as for Irate Nate’s comment on September 12, 2017 at 6:44 am, I’m willing to pay him time-and-a-half for as long as he keeps it shut down.

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