“Lots of seats still available”

Weak 11: Empty Seats Abound as NFL Heads Down the Final Stretch.

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  1. I put my three kids on the GB Packers ticket wait list 25 years ago. If they are lucky they will get a chance to buy season tickets in another decade.

  2. Always been a Cowboys fan and went to a game in the old stadium in Irving years ago. Before this season started I got online and checked out ticket prices, thinking I might go see them play this year. $400 for nosebleed seats. No thanks.

  3. My wife and I went to watch the Seattle Seahawks play the Baltimore Colts on our honeymoon in Sept. 1977 at the Kingdome. We paid $11 apiece for 2 tickets in the nosebleed section, it was the only pro football game we ever went to. I couldn’t afford to go now and wouldn’t want to either. PS, I hated the Kingdome, it was even worse for baseball when the sucky Mariners played there. it was so bad in those early years that you could sit anywhere in the stadium because the attendance for most games was so low

  4. NFL did draw a big crowd in Mexico City last night. That stadium holds over 87k. Maybe they should move south.

  5. Mexico and China – the players deserve those 3rd world shit-holes but I’d bet they can’t pull the knee crap with those countries’ flags.

    Did somebody say the Ravens are in 1st place? I didn’t know and use to care

  6. They’re still handing out out mega millions to America hating prima donnas so they must still have too much money.


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