Lou Dobbs defends Trump against the RINOs over McCain comments

DC: Fox Business host Lou Dobbs criticized Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and other Republican critics of President Donald Trump’s latest comments about late Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Speaking with former Reagan’s campaign director Ed Rollins on Wednesday evening about the president’s recent positive polling within the Republican Party, Dobbs gave GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel “great credit” before ripping Trump’s GOP critics.


12 Comments on Lou Dobbs defends Trump against the RINOs over McCain comments

  1. Mccain made propoganda tapes for broadcast by the viet cong.

    yes, that’s a hero to the left and the rinos.

    no question about it.

  2. Too many Republicans are used to being timid little mice to the Leftists and can’t stand the idea of Trump not being one as well since it makes them face what they really are.

  3. I gather that the latest is that Arnold Schwarzeneggar has come out attacking Trump for his McCain tweets. That steroid pumped, castrated, adulterer who went from being a Republican to a whimpering simp after losing four ballot initiatives in 2005. I guess being under the whip of his wife Skeletor didn’t help. He’s a full blown democrat now and is dating some woman 27 years younger then himself. Maybe they ought to take a closer look at Epstein’s guest out at his Fantasy Island.

  4. My Senator was one of those asshats. Not cool, Johnny Isakson. If nobody is asking your opinion, just stifle it, okay? Do your signaling to the Uniparty some other way. You are starting to piss me off now.

  5. When Trump was at the tank factory in Lima, Ohio yesterday, he seemed to bring up his dislike of McCain outta the blue. Damn near everyone criticized him for it. I even found myself wondering why he just didn’t let it lay.

    And then it dawned on me…he’s setting up the de-classification of all the crap he’s had to endure since he’s been elected, and the despicable John McCain is in the center of it all.

    I still think the de-classification will be the mother of all October surprises next year, and Trump is gonna look brilliant for slamming McCain.

  6. The holy name of mccain shall not be desecrated.

    Over the last years: The traitor gave the presidency to Obama. The traitor was shopping around the fake dossier. The traitor changed his vote on Obamacare.
    But hallowed be his name.

  7. gotta renew my CCW permit next year, on top of all the political crap that is going to happen. gonna be interesting to say the least.
    Just watched the “Seattle is Dying” hour long news report. Seems to me that if you want to have an egalitarian society with few rules to abide by, one should put up a wall to keep the freeloaders and drug addicts out. without that wall, the laws really need to be enforced and the broken windows and graffitti to be fixed as soon as it is noticed. But, because democrats…

  8. Lou is the only Fox Host without all the dumb liberals coming on and spewing lies? Why can’t Tucker and Hannity have that privilege? Those two have lost me.

  9. Moe tom

    I love Joe DeGenova…………..I wish Trump would put him in the White House. He and his wife Victoria are wonderful wonderful people the best lawyers on the planet.


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