Louder With Crowder Remembers Garret Foster

Steven Crowder and crew have been off a few weeks, but have returned with a feature shot in Austin, TX. It was to be a “Change My Mind” segment, the subject originally being “BLM Is a Domestic Terrorist Organization,” but thanks to the rude interference of a number of Antifa associated dimwits, was changed to “Garret Foster Shooting Was Justified.”

Who was Garret Foster and why was he shot? Watch the video Here

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  1. Just like the playground bully, pantyfa and wam-BLM-thankyou-mam pussies atrn’t so tough when people stand up and confront them. Change My Mind.

  2. Being a liberal means being epistemologically incompetent. Change my mind.

    Not knowing what epistemology is means not being well educated. Change my mind. (It’s OK to look it up now; this is an open book quiz.)

  3. The punk was walking around the protest armed because he wanted to intimidate people and for no other reason.
    Too stupid to comprehend that when you brandish a firearm you’re playing for keeps. The driver understood that perfectly but the idiot found out the hard way.

  4. They always seem so surprised and indignant when someone fights back and they get clocked. Like their false reality of no consequences has just been shattered.

  5. @joe6pak – don’t you mean “gone not soon enough”? Or Garrett Foster, if you play with fire you get burned. Or Garrett Foster, fka a useful idiot.

    Sorry he’s dead, but….fuck him. He was playing a dangerous game.

  6. Garret Foster was a worthless fuckwit for whom the world will be a much better place without his dumb ass in it. He needs to be joined by his friends too.

  7. stirrin the pot, I purposely said “to soon” as if soon was a place to go to. If I was concerned about the timing of his justified shooting, I would have said, gone too soon.

  8. Garret Foster a guy being paid by the government to take care of his paraplegic girlfriend he no doubt didn’t marry in a decade because they received more government money. How good of care are you taking when you are out at 10 pm on Saturday night with said GF attacking cars? He bragged about being on the streets of Austin for 50 plus days/nights armed and people being too big of pussies to do anything. He also was terrorizing people with his weapon and walking menacingly in front of their targets homes. They set up a trap that night and it backfired, they targeted the wrong guy that felt personally responsible to defend not only his own life but strangers he was driving through town. I haven’t and will not shed a tear for Mr. Foster. He brought this on himself. Senseless sure, but the onus falls squarely on Mr. Foster’s poor choices.

  9. @joe6pak – I caught the “to” “too” distinction in your original post and figured you knew the difference. I tried to understand the “to” soon, as in a destination, but still didn’t get it. So I assumed it was a typo. My bad, but I still don’t get it.

  10. “Gone To Soon” was a T-shirt worn by the family of some scumbag who got killed. I don’t remember which one got killed — there are too many of them.

  11. Erik, thanks, I couldn’t remember the origin but it stuck in my thick skull. Once it’s in there it rarely get out.

  12. We all asked, “Where the fuck is Soon?”

    “Is Soon a bad place?”

    They were all crying crocodile tears… “Junebug (or whatever the fuck his name was), Gone To Soon!”

    Maybe they didn’t even know his name. Fuck them either way.

  13. It was that fucking clown Mike Brown. That gentle giant who was about to get a PhD in strong arm muggery, theft, and general noxiousness.

    I had to look it up.


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