Louder with Crowder: Why Transgenders ATTACK!

Steven explains the science behind the violent outbursts from the transgender community.

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  1. Louder with Crowder is a free Thursday evening 2 drink minimum show… Always showing at Luvnthebigsites bar and grill. Many thanks for IOTW linking them… This Guy is on our team for sure…


  2. Why Transgenders ATTACK… Because nuts!
    Not whether they have ’em or lost ’em, but because they ARE!!
    We know it, they know it and they know we know it and that’s whut fuels their madness.

  3. It proves testosterone cannot completely EVER be removed from a DUDE! THAT’s what it proves.

    You need to remove the brain as well, oh wait…

  4. You can now be a naturally-born guy and change literally nothing about your clothes or body or appearance, and be able to still have a hairy chest and a penis and wear men’s clothes and sport a beard and now be a woman.

  5. I have yet to see this (even though I am a mug club member), but I could guess a lot of it stems from a violent feeling towards women.

    The transgender DESIRES to replace the real women in every single way possible, and deep down they know that they cannot have a child, have sex the way that a women does, cannot know what it really means or feels like to be female- so they LASH out.

  6. I saw a couple of tranny looking college age guys at the store. They mostly looked like they were looking for a fight.

    Maybe this insanity could be used to teach young people that they are terribly brainwashed and some take it to idiotic extremes.


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