Loudoun County High School Bathroom Rapist Convicted On All Counts – IOTW Report

Loudoun County High School Bathroom Rapist Convicted On All Counts

Washington Examiner

The teenager accused of sexually assaulting a ninth-grade girl in a Loudoun County, Virginia, high school was found guilty on all charges.

The victim was assaulted in a women’s restroom at Stone Bridge High School by a male allegedly wearing a skirt. A juvenile court judge found the evidence enough to convict but will hold on sentencing until the convicted teenager, now 15, is tried for another alleged assault at a different high school. More

Leftist media was unavailable to report on or comment on these sweeping convictions. Here

17 Comments on Loudoun County High School Bathroom Rapist Convicted On All Counts

  1. What about the school board members who called the cops on the father who brought it up? I am not seeing any reports about them getting arrested for making false reports

  2. It seems like safety and reporting protocols were ignored at all levels for political reasons. These people should be fired and held personally accountable in court.
    If I were the Dad I don’t know if I would have been able to restrain myself like he did.

  3. “gender fluid” time for a weather dependent swings both ways bathroom for the gender fluid identities. Keep females safe, keep males safe, keep gender fluids safe, keep others safe.

  4. Glad to hear it after all the hell that family has gone through. First she was raped in a bathroom that boy should have never been allowed to go into and then they were called liars at the school board meeting when they dared to complain. Her dad was the one thrown in jail instead of her daughter’s rapist who was finally charged after his 2nd assault at a different school.

  5. If I were the father involved, I would pursue prosecution of ALL the guilty parties: the rapist, his parents/enablers/sponsors, the entire school board, any local LEOs who hassled the victim’s family, etc ad fin.

    After successful prosecutions, I would proceed to maim them all for being so wicked and smug about it.

  6. The entire school board should be in jail or in court over this. The Father should get a few million, and some badges, from the police involved, and several million from the school district.
    The “boy” belongs in a mental institution for life.

  7. Naaaah…Why go through all the time, trouble, hassle, and money to pursue these asshats? It should be public knowledge who they are, and by extension, where they live.
    As I gaze into my cracked and cloudy crystal orb, I can see, as through a fog, bad things happening to these Libtard asshats, their camp follower Kops, and their property, under cover of the dead of night.
    (oh, and wear a mask. wanna be coof safe, ya know?)

  8. If he’s old enough to actually commit those sexual assaults, then he’s old enough to be tried as an ADULT, for God’s sake.


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