Loudoun County Students Walk Out of Class in Protest

PJM: The Loudoun County school system protected a transgender kid who brutally raped and sodomized a teen girl. Rather than being removed from the county’s schools, he was sent to another school, Broad Run High, where he assaulted another girl.

Today, the students of Broad Run walked out of class in protest.

NBC’s Drew Wilder reported that students were outside, chanting, “Loudoun County protects rapists” and “Why was a rapist allowed in our school?” more

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  1. It seems there is a lot more to this story. It seems dude in a dress had consensual relations with this girl for some time before this incident.
    At first it sounded like a cut and dry straight up a rape case. Now I’m not so sure.
    I hope I am wrong on this. I really hope I am wrong on this.


  2. PHenry: Even if true, they should not have been able to hook up in the girls restroom. The school policies are still at fault because the adults should be in charge.

  3. This whole story, and all the possible variations, make it crystal clear, we are a fucked up country and we don’t know right from wrong. We have a long ways to go to get on the right side of things.

  4. #MeToo

    All women are to be believed.

    All assaults that happen and are reported to anyone in a school, no matter where they happened, are to be reported by law.

    There are a lot of people that should be being charged with failure to report and failure to protect a minor.

    This is cut and dried and it should be a point where the people on the right side of God pick their target and make them defend themselves against their own words and deeds, or whatever that old commie said.

  5. I hate to say it but even people who proclaim to be on our side may not be. I am very wary of these people.
    I hate to be so suspicious but I am also not stupid and unaware of what is going on.

  6. Question: What is a conservative?

    Answer: A leftist who hasn’t been mugged yet.

    Or raped and sodomized. Whichever.

  7. Brad, you’re right, other than being a husband, father, business owner, grandfather, taxpayer, homeowner, I don’t have a pronoun that applies to me. I might not be a real American in today’s world.

  8. @OldCoot


    Old Testament


    Word of God


    See, if you make words work like a progressive, you can be anything you want. You can even be a she god! What a wonderful world we live in!

    (But man do we progressives despise the Bible. We only use it when we think it will help us in those dirty states somewhere in the middle.)

  9. How about Mr. joe6pak, or maybe Mr. Bad_Brad? Or any of the other iOTW’ers that deserve respect out in the developing shithole of America. We better start defending our homeland or our kids and grandkids are screwed!

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