Louie Gohmert To Peter Strzok:“Did You Use That Smirk When You Lied To Your Wife?”


Mr. Gohmert dispatched all the nonsense, looked weasel Strzok straight in the eyes and called him a lying liar who lies.   Epic in the scale of brutal honesty….  Louie Gohmert was plumb-mad-dog angry; and within his direct assertion of everything everyone knows to be true: did you use that smirk when you lied to your wife”?  Gohmert sent the Democrats into fits of spontaneous combustion. MORE HERE

31 Comments on Louie Gohmert To Peter Strzok:“Did You Use That Smirk When You Lied To Your Wife?”

  1. Tired of the cornpone dressing-downs. Need some actual courtrooms, judges and charges now. Stop wasting my time with your sick burns, Congress.

  2. James Woods

    #PeterStrzok “loves the FBI,” his wife, AND his mistress. And he fucked them all.

    1:31 PM – Jul 12, 2018

  3. Strozk sure acts like nothing is going to happen to him. Fix is in. Love to know if he ever received any money from Hillary.
    Smugh piece of shit should be waterboarded.

  4. Without a doubt, the FBI looks bad in this, in fact they look terrible. But what else looks bad are Congressional Hearings. Everyone gets a chance for a good sound bite to use in the next election. Is there anyone outside DC that is pleased or impressed with this?

  5. He may have a “bright” future with the FBI. But, in construction parlance,
    someone is going to “drop a plank” on his ass

    Joe6pack I agree the demorats look like assholes. And there isn’t a smidgen of bias in me.

  6. First RR now this clown. The FBI has no accountability. They are out of control. They need to be shut down.

  7. Oh the Democrats are AWFUL! Lieu and the one after Jim Jordan this evening…GAAH. What a couple of pontificating, arrogant dbags.

  8. I can’t watch that shit, when I do I see the democRATS as those “pre-humans” in the opening scene of the movie 2001 Space Odyssey where they are jumping around screaming and waiving their arms to try to scare the other tribe off.

  9. Looking at peterstroker in action, are we sure he was having an affair with Lisa Paige? Seems like he’d be quite comfortable with a mouthful of mueller or a cumload of Comey.

    Gaydar alert!!

  10. Brad I’m sure there are many great people in the FBI who could take over and straighten this mess out. Right now morale must be in the pit. But our man Donald can do it. MAGA! MFBIGA!

  11. 3rd

    As Ive said may times Trey is posing for the UNIPARTY. Were he sincere and honest GWB’s Lois Lerner (yes he made another lefty head of IRS 501 c3 Jan ’06)- I find it hard to find a Bush nominee that is not progressive!) would be in jail already and GWB’s Bob would be a defendant instead of making America loving conservatives defendants! The Bush boy Bob I refer to is MuellergGate Bob!

    Trey works for the UNIPARTY and the MSM; not folk that love America!

  12. I’m amazed Strzok didn’t swagger into the hearing room, wrapped in the American flag, singing the Battle hymn of the Republic, while the Dems in the room tossed rose petals at his feet! What a disgusting, arrogant little turd of a man! Efrem Zimbalist Jr is rolling in his grave!

  13. Shoot a shaken can of coca cola up his nose and he’ll tell everything he knows. Then do a second can just for the fun of it.

  14. Umm..no..this is all staged Kabuki Theater. SSDD. Why do you think his first interviews was closed doors? Setting the stage for the dog and pony show.

  15. He’s smug because he knows the swamp dance just like Hillary and Holder. They know congress is powerless and nose deep in the corruption pockets.

  16. From J Glover’s link; “Watson Coleman’s two sons, William Carter-Watson and Jared C. Coleman, were sentenced to seven years in jail after holding up the Kids-R-Us store at Mercer Mall with a rifle as it was about to close on March 12, 2001. Watson-Coleman refuses to discuss the incident.[21] Watson Coleman has also introduced legislation to restrict the ownership of weapons such as the ones used by her sons during their crime.”

    What the Heck is in the water down there in Jersey? You’re turning into Connecticut.

  17. The hardcore liberal posting boards I troll (so u don’t have to) are all jumping for joy and are absolutely giddy that this is a complete and utter win for them. They all say the rebs have nothing based on this and Trump is going down and Hillary will win 2020. I shit u not….

  18. One of the things that pissed me off the most was peterstroker saying he could SMELL the Trump support in southern Virginia. He factually communicated the contempt the swampy northern Virginia has for the rest of the state. This is reflected in the county electoral maps of the last few elections. It’s dark blue.

    To address this irreconcilable difference, we need to go back to something I’ve long proposed. Restore the District of Columbia back to the original diamond shape as laid out by George Washington long ago. The southern point is south of old town Alexandria on the Potomac. The western cornerstone is at 2824 N. Arizona St. in Arlington.

    Give the lovers of federal government back to the national city.

    Stroker just validated what we’ve long known.

  19. If I could work my will, I would go back in time and fetch Andrew Jackson and turn him loose in that room with a stick.
    Elijah Cummings new nickname would be ‘Lumpy’ and Swalwell would be a gibbering mass of cane welts

  20. Let me get this straight: Democrats are aghast at the mere mention of this weasel’s infidelity, yet we’ve been subjected to two months of giddy 24/7 Stormy Daniels promotion.

  21. What a waste of time. What a piece of shit. It’s hard to understand the Democrats defending such a waste of humanity.
    I’m a big fan of old westerns. That’s pretty much all I watch on TV. There was movie done in 1962 called “Ride The High Country”. Randolf Scott came out of retirement to do a movie with Joel McCrea. Directed by Sam Peckinpah. Joel McCrea’s character spoke a line “A mans got to walk through his door feel justified”. Peter Strzok will never understand that line. Mueller won’t either.

  22. Failed polygraph. Obvious bias. History of lying (to his wife). This guy is a douchebag who should be sharing a cell with Comey.

  23. PH,
    I know that you are a fellow Virginian. The Commonwealth is lost. It is time to move on. I immigrated here from S. MD over 20 years ago for many of the same reasons that I find it necessary to absquatulate now.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  24. BB — I know that film and that line. If you can stand a non-Western, watch “The More the Merrier” with McCrea, Jean Arthur and (my favorite) Charles Coburn. It’s on YT.

  25. Thanks AA, I’ll stream it.

    Little known facts about Joel McCrea is he hated acting and Hollyood. Even back then. He acted to finance his ranch and hunting trips. McCrea and Coop are my favorites. Drives the wife freaken nuts.


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