LOUIE joins the Patriot Pets Gallery

Louie is no longer with us, but he makes for a great portrait. We’ll let the owner come forward if they want to tell us a little more about Louie.

Christmas is coming, folks. If you want a portrait get your orders in now. Click HERE for more portraits and to tell you how to order your own.


(^This snapshot was taken before the completion of the portrait.)

14 Comments on LOUIE joins the Patriot Pets Gallery

  1. Furpection!!!

    HA – Didn’t see this until after I scrolled. It’s not a bad catch phrase for an animal portrait painter.
    It’s a little unhumble.. but it’s catchy. -bfh

  2. Hat, my wife looks at the portrait of our cat that you did for me last year, and mists up (unfortunately he had to be put down three weeks after Christmas). You captured the ‘devil’ in his eye and the love in his face to a “T”.
    Your portraits make a great Christmas gift!

  3. He’s adorable!!! I bet he was a lot of fun. He looks like a little scamp! 😀
    Great job, Fur!
    To Louie’s owner: He really got your goat. *gigglesnort*

  4. Thats my Louie! 🙂 Life expectancy of pygmy goats is somewhere in the 8 year range (I was told when I bought Louie). He made it to 12! In the springtime, when Louie was about a year old, he was walking across a log that spanned a small creek on my property…..the water was high and running fast, and Louie froze up half way across the stream. He tipped over into the water like a cardboard cutout. Luckily I saw him fall and rescued him before he washed out to sea! He followed me around like a puppy for the rest of his days. RIP Louie! (And thanks, BFH, for the keepsake!)

  5. @Steve Brown, great story; I can just see it happen. It’s so funny when they go all stiff legged!

    @Fur, FURPECTION is perfect (I mean ferpect)!!! I love the wispy grass you added that he is chomping on.

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