Louisiana Goes After Abortion and Standing of Abortion Clinics

Daily Wire

Astute legal observers will surely note that in numerous high-profile abortion cases, a named party to the suit is not a woman looking to procure an abortion (such as the eponymous alias “Roe” in Roe v. Wade), but is instead an abortion clinic.

Two leading examples are the 1992 Supreme Court case of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, which concocted the “undue burden” standard that still governs federal judicial review of abortion restrictions, and the 2016 Supreme Court case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

But why these abortion clinics should get “standing” to bring a federal lawsuit under Article III of the U.S. Constitution is not an easily resolved question. More

10 Comments on Louisiana Goes After Abortion and Standing of Abortion Clinics

  1. Had the pro-death morons in NY and VA not gone rabidly insane, this wouldn’t have happened.
    They tripped over their own dicks! Now pro-life states get to challenge Roe v Wade in SCOTUS and let the states decide for themselves. And they can address the ‘out of the womb’ abortions, too. I believe that type of murder is already on the books.

  2. Democrats set this up to trap us. Should have ignored them until AFTER the elction.

    They are pushing roe v wade. AND Now the other side is responding as planned!

    Now the republicans look like religious crazys trying to overturn a 40 year old law.

  3. No, the left is just nuts. They’ve been doing this since Roe and they don’t intend to stop until they can have 5 year olds aborted. The left played into OUR hands. ‘Our’ including the pro life left, too.
    The left DOES NOT want this to go to the Supreme Court because they are afraid pro-life states would actually have their states’ rights returned to them. NY’s Cuomo and whatever other state did the late term law just to stick it to Trump.They took it too far, and they fucked up. Abortion is NOT in the Constitution. And the pro-life states will prove that in court.

  4. Keep in mind, some of these pro-life states may even relax the no abortion law to 8 -10 weeks. But solidly opposing federal law this way is the only way to get it to court and to stop after-birth murder.

  5. I’d be more comfortable if they waited until Trump appoints Amy Barrett to the court, I just don’t trust the frat boy.

  6. How come all that free birth control the left has been handing out isn’t slowing down abortions and STD’s?
    We cannot legislate morality or responsibility, but we sure as hell can stop giving them tax payer money for abortions.

  7. I will try to not get too excited, but I am so thankful that we still have some sanity left in some state governments. God bless them and their huge war they are entering. God, don’t just bless them, but please give them favor. Open the eyes and hearts of all the Jurists on the Supreme Court. Yes, all of them. Thank you, God!

  8. Well in the old bible days they would offer and burn the children to their pagan idols and look what happened to them. Poof destroyed by the only true God.America may be next unless God turns the hearts and minds of the people.

  9. I must be misunderstanding Roe vs Wade. I thought that the SCOTUS at the time did some mental gymnastics and came up with the idea that a persons right to privacy was the right that umbrellaed a woman’s access to an abortion as a federal right and not up to the states. If Roe VS Wade gets overturned and it’s determined that it’s not a federal right then that right (or not right) reverts back to the state to set the rules. Forty years ago there were few States that would risk legalizing abortion while now I suspect that half the states would put in some sort of law allowing the practice to one degree or another. Or am I getting this buggered up?


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