Louisiana judge blocks Biden from lifting Title 42 immigration rule – IOTW Report

Louisiana judge blocks Biden from lifting Title 42 immigration rule


A Louisiana judge ruled Friday that President Biden must at least temporarily keep in place federal rule Title 42 that was activate by the Trump administration as a public health measure to limit immigration during the pandemic. 

Judge Robert Summerhays, a Trump appointee for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, imposed the preliminary injunction against the lifting of the order while the case advances through the court system.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was set to end the decades-old rule Monday.

Title 42 more specifically allows for the removal of migrants if they come from somewhere facing a communicable disease.

Over 1.9 million migrants have reportedly been expelled from the U.S. under the rule since April 2020, about a month after the pandemic was declared.

The request to stop the deactivation of Title 42 was brought before Summerhays in a suit filed by roughly two dozen attorneys general from Republican-run states.  more

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  1. Too late it was lifted a long long time ago! But hell go ahead and sue a sitting Prez we all know how that works out, next. Will just be ignored.

  2. The Bought & Paid for, Knee-Pad Media has beenr unning cover for a mentally defective grinning imbecile who is destroying the country, yet all we hear about is the big, bad boogie man Donald Trump… who has been out of the White House for 596 days! Not to mention the “radical MAGA extremists” who have been burning, looting, raping and killing…. oh wait-A-hold-it, that was BLM and antifa.
    Just stop the political slight -of-hand deception already!!

  3. Not only has the predatory and degenerate Joe Biden released millions of illegal zombie hordes infected with who-knows-what diseases but he’s also sending vending machines filled with illegal drug paraphernalia and crack pipes to youngsters in Kentucky and other cities and states. All for the purposes of winning their favor and votes though they’ll all be OD’d way before election time comes around. The sicko Biden can now be called the ILLEGAL DRUG PIMP-IN-CHIEF who targets poverty black youth and minorities by giving away free the drug-use tools themselves. He’ll be running neck-to-neck with the illegal drug smuggler, promoter, seller, and user Kickback Kathy Hochul of New York. Biden is also sendong (more) crackpipes to minority poor neighborhoods and anyone else who wants the sinister devil things to deliberately kill them off, via HHS, in honor of his son mysonhunter. Keep in mind that Biden’s drug tools are likely infected and weaponized with disease such as HIV, hepatitis, monkeypox, and various STDs.

  4. If anyone were really doing something with Title 42 the thousands of filthy illegals from Africa would be kicked out of the country. Specifically Maine.
    We’ve had TB show up here and other long gone diseases.

    Now General Mills is giving them driver’s licenses and cars. They see lines on the road as merely suggestions.
    And no proof of citizenship is required to register to vote. Just id and a piece of mail with your address

  5. Seems like a no-brainer. I mean, why would you start loading passengers on a boat while the hull is stll leaking? Secure the damn border – by any means – and then we’ll talk about what to do with the illegals.


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