Louisiana Man Arrested For Swimming In Bass Pro Shop Aquarium


BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — A man that was caught on video swimming in the indoor aquarium at Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City earlier this week has been identified and arrested by police.

According to the Bossier City Police Department, 26-year-old Kevin Wise of Slidell is charged with simple criminal damage to property, which is a misdemeanor. more here

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  1. Ironically, if he burned the store down in the name of George Floyd, there’s a good chance no charges would be filed at all.

  2. People are tired of being separated and alone – and like children, want attention. If I’d have been at this store when he was doing this, I’d have egged him on. Good ol’ redneck fun (minus the gators)!

  3. So many things to address. The doofus’ name was ‘Wise’ which he doesn’t live up to. The videographer’s name is ‘Treasure’ as in a sunken treasure which Mr. Unwise may have been seeking. Is there a competition between Louisiana and Floriduh?

  4. @Gin Blossom, lol! Poor fishies! That’s probably why they will have to clean the tank! 🐟😷🐟

  5. Now that I’m “old”, I can say things like: “I remember a time when this crazy guy would have been on the national news at 6:00 p.m.”

    The Left likes to say that we don’t have more crime or crazies than we used to, it’s just that we have 24 hour news programming now. Not true. We have way more crime and crazies than we used to.

  6. I like him.

    Good fun in a world that has totally lost its mind.

    Like TheMule said above: At least he didn’t burn anything down.

  7. It’s official then. Looking at the number of IOTW comments we appreciate people acting up in a Bass Pro to Rolling Stones pissing their pants about Trump using their silly song, and a bunch of other who cares stories about limpdick shriveledpussy politicians finger wagging us 24/7.

    Go to the BassPro naked. Jump in the tank.

    How come leftists can burn and loot and destroy and one guy gets all this fury? He was blowing off the steam that has been roiling in our kettles for months now.

    Good for him. Hopefully his legal issues will be as light as the guy who burnt down a church.

    I have to cross country on an airliner next week that requires a facemask.

    I ordered one that says THIS MASK IS AS USELESS AS OUR GOVERNOR. It works on all legs of this flight.
    Virginia, NC, Nevada and return.

    I am getting really fucking pissed. I will have to dial it back for this journey.

  8. You got to understand, the casino next door has limited the number of gamblers here.
    He’s was just passing time till his number gets called. 😉

  9. One of my daughters worked at a Basspro during her college days. She said shoplifters were to be left alone to steal but told a story of a guy that jumped in the tank and was “roughed up” by security and then arrested. Priorities.

  10. Yes, Bass Pro/Cabela’s has a non-interference policy with theft. I saw people steal $500 coats and no one could do anything. Groups walked in and cleared shelves at the Sun Glass Hut and nothing happened. I guess they think it is just the cost of doing business, but it has increased a lot in the last few years. Sad. I only saw the tank cleaning person in the fish tank. The access to it is behind locked doors. But the fish really get spooked when you shine a red laser pointer in the water.

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