Louisiana Police Department Offers ‘Free Meth Testing’ for Zika Virus

Breitbart: A Louisiana police department issued a tongue-in-cheek warning to methamphetamine users on Saturday, offering to inspect their meth supply for traces of the Zika virus.

The Harahan Police Department, which is located in a suburb of New Orleans, posted the “warning” on its Facebook Saturday evening as a creative way to catch unsuspecting meth users in their tracks.

***WARNING: *** If you have recently purchased meth in any area of Louisiana it may be contaminated with the Zika Virus. Please bring all of it to your local Police Department and they will test it for free. If you’re not comfortable coming to us, an officer will be glad to come to you and test your Meth in the privacy of your home. Please spread the word! We’re available 24/7/365. Be Safe! ~Ofc Moody


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  1. On a serious note-
    Most major police departments are now offering a ‘compatibility test’ for heroin that is being used in the new, free syringes that many communities give out. Apparently there have been some problems involving the low cost disposable syringes. In an effort to arrest the problem, police have volunteered to provide this service, free of charge. It will be necessary to bring along a small portion of the heroin, and the test takes but a few minutes. They will have you on your way, as soon as possible. No appointments are necessary in most locations, and ‘walk-ins’ are welcome.

  2. guy walks into station–hey man, you in the uniform, I got this meth, nice uniform dude, I scored it from a friend of a friend down the street and like I mean it was cool score but when I snort it it like makes me sneeze and like my eyes start to water and like I cant see because of the water, its like rain drops falling on my head, dude why are looking at me that way/ anyway man can you check and see if I got ripped off like ill be pissed if that dude stole my cash for a bag of pepper.


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