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  1. That was all about that hat that got thrown to the ground.

    Pure JOY in a diaper.

    On our trip, I thought about these truckers with families that are the heartbeat of America.

  2. While in basic training at Lackland AFB, our flight and our rival flight were marching back from the firing range to the chow hall where we normally ate. Our designated chow runner was supposed to break ranks and run ahead upon the command of the TI (training instructor) to get us signed in so that we wouldn’t have to wait behind other flights. We were about a half mile from the chow hall when our rival flight’s runner took off to beat us to the punch. The TI barked out the order for the chow runner to run ahead and get us signed up first. Nobody took off and the TI screamed the order out again. Someone yelled out that our chow runner was on dorm guard and not marching with us. The TI pointed at me and said that if the other runner beat me to the chow hall I’d be very sorry. I took off in a sprint and began to shed everything I could to lighten the load. I dropped my pistol belt and canteen and then I tore the metal helmet off my head so I could run unimpeded. This reminds me of that day. I passed the other runner and beat him to the chow hall. I was victorious and hero of the day. I hope the other guy got punished for letting me win.

  3. Watching that clip, what a great way to start my day. Will this theme become a new regular, Claudia? Like Critters?


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