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Low Rate of False Rape Charges is False


6 Comments on Low Rate of False Rape Charges is False

  1. What a great way to enter October.
    Ted Turner says he’s nuts.
    Kavanaugh should have said “you’re a nut”.
    Blasie Ford is a nut.
    Graham says “nuts”!
    Trump was heard remarking about the week: “this is nuts”,
    but women still seek them – go figure.

  2. frankly, never understood those claims about 90% … 80% … 70% of all sexual assaults are never reported
    .. if they’re not reported then how do you actually know?

    logic’s a bitch … ain’t it?

  3. I am always skeptical. I had a bat-shit-crazy girl friend in high school that was a year behind me in school that broke up with me just before I graduated. When she graduated high school she had the baby bump going on and named me as the baby daddy. The only problem was I had been stationed in Germany for over 9 months. For over 25 years I got shit for it by the locals when I would visit my parents. That is a big part of why I never go back to where I grew up now.

  4. What counts as sexual assault according to femi-nitwits, could be a man just opening a door for one of them. There is no limit to their hypersensitive, twisted ideas about men.

    Also, if a man actually sexually assaulted a femi-nitwit then all men are guilty. That’s why it’s so easy for Ballsy Fraud to blame an innocent man of such a heinous crime.

  5. Michell has been the best investigative reporter in the world for 25 years!
    She is smart, honest and brave!


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