Lowlife urinates on memorial for 9 year-old cancer victim

One Stupid Act Can Be Your Legacy For a Lifetime.

This guy is now a pariah. The world’s worst.

What a friggin’ lowlife moron.


A video showing a man urinating on a park memorial marker that honors a 9-year-old boy who died of brain cancer has led to charges against him and another man who allegedly made the recording.

Hamilton police say a friend of Christian Clopp’s family saw the video posted on social media and notified them. The family said they didn’t know either man.

Police say Bryan Bellace, of Egg Harbor, urinated on the memorial while his friend, Daniel Flippen of Hammonton, created the video. Bellace is charged with lewdness and criminal mischief. Flippen was cited with having an open beer at the park.

Volunteers helped disinfect the memorial.


Let’s not forget this Flippen jerk.

28 Comments on Lowlife urinates on memorial for 9 year-old cancer victim

  1. Those two must never have heard of Karma before. It usually catches up to people like that. I wouldn’t even want to be close to them when it does.

  2. What the hell is going on. I can’t even fathom peoples ability to do something so ignorant. I fear for humanities survival.

  3. I am from the Baby Boomer Generation. This is something I was never exposed to when growing up. This is as appalling as it can get!

    I pray, this…human thing(?) is never (maybe spiritually) ever confronted by the 9-year-old boy at some time before, or after, this thing(?) becomes a grown adult.

    Hopefully, he will get his ass kicked several times to waken him up before he destroys himself and others around him and come to beg forgiveness for what he has done. Absolutely Evil!

  4. @Anonymous
    MAY 20, 2019 AT 8:48 PM
    “I mean, I can see pissing on it if the grave was McCain’s.”

    I hate waiting in long lines.

  5. They should have made those scum sucking maggots lick it clean just before they beat them half to death!

  6. Mays Landing. Hamilton Township. Egg Harbor. Hammonton. I’m ashamed to admit I used to live nearby in EHT. This fucktard would be properly categorized as a Piney. That’s South Jerseys equivalent of the Souths inbred hick redneck hillbilly white trash…except that a Piney is far worse.

    Just look out in the Pine Barrens for a single wide mobile home and the stench of meth cooking and you’ve found this assholes crib.

  7. As despicable as that may be…..They will be required to pay for their sins….at some point in time.

  8. Too sick to comprehend. Most of us, democrats and Republicans, cry for hours after losing a 90 year old to cancer. WTH are they doing disrespecting a memorial to a NINE year old?

  9. The pisser says he was drunk and is sorry. Not only is he sorry, he is a despicable, low life, piece of shit. There will come a day where he really is sorry.

  10. Father Fires Son After He Allegedly Urinated on 9-Year-Old Cancer Victim’s Memorial

    Following the community outrage, Bellace’s father, Bruce, said he was not proud of his son and has apologized to the family for his actions.

    “I’m not proud of him,” Bruce told Press of Atlantic City. “I had to remove him from employment.”

    “Ultimately it’s my fault. Maybe we didn’t teach him right,” he added.



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