Lt. Col. Scheller Given a Relatively Light Sentence

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Now, the court-martial is over, and the results are somewhat surprising. Most thought the judge, Col. Glen Hines, would throw the book at him, as covering for the failures of military leadership has become a common occurrence. Yet, [Lt. Col Stuart] Scheller was given a fairly light sentence, which included a letter of reprimand and a forfeiture of $5,000 pay over the course of a single month. Further, the judge blasted command for the pre-trial detention and for leaking records to try to make the defendant look bad. more

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  1. They should not be allowed to remove his pension.
    That is why I HAVE ALWAYS bought my own retirement investments.
    He did the job, and deserves his cash SINCE THEY TOOK IT FROM HIM WEEKLY ANYWAYS.
    I get paid NOW, not after 40 years of work. NOW!

  2. Timing is everything… A day after I read about this guys tirade pointed at the Trump family I read a story about a possibility of reduced charges and a lighter sentence. This must have been it.

  3. “Most thought the judge, Col. Glen Hines, would throw the book at him…”

    Most in the media, maybe. Most who were paying attention knew that he’d plea-bargained his punishment down by trashing Trump. And now most who were paying attention are no longer paying attention to this intemperate, broken man.

  4. I’ve said before, he may have kissed ass and avoided the gallows which would save him from the tyrannous retribution of a run-away government.

    His likely federal confinement would do little to assist the actions that may well be needed in the very near future.

  5. Knowing how the military works, about the chain of command, and what you can and cannot say, I think this guy is a real dope. I respect his service but would not want to have a beer with him.

    And Kcir, totally agree about his pension, that is horseshit. Ditto with a teacher, a fireman or a cop, if you contribute to your pension, even if convicted of a crime you deserve to get out what you put in.

    Sadly, there is probably a lot of truth in his feeble transparent attempt to garner favor with his superiors by trashing Trump, what an awful world we live in.

  6. The sentence has nothing to do with Trump. The judge had to balance the LtCol’s outstanding record with six misdemeanor charges he plead guilty to. He also had to weigh the Command’s vindictive actions. I think the judge was simply a good guy with common sense. Not everyone in the service is a Milley.

  7. @rick taylor

    Exactly. Retirement after WORK should be sacred.
    Lord knows, politicians always seem to get paid & live off of everyone else toiling under them.


  8. @Kcir
    Unfortunately, military retirement, based upon his entry date precludes a pension without 20 years of service. That is why his actions with only 17 years time in service makes his actions extraordinary. He knew his resignation, which he offered before he was charged, would preclude him from receiving retirement benefits.

  9. what Lt. Col. Scheller is all about is now a mystery to me.

    Which makes him non-trustworthy in any future civil hostilities.

  10. While he was right in his assesment of his superiors and their many failings, there’s something not right with that boy. Yeah, I would not want him watching my back.

  11. @Hambone, make me! I’m allowed to have a different opinion. Or are you a commie? I could explain why, but you have a closed mind.

  12. Scheller seems like a classic narcissist. As long as he gets attention – by any means, good or bad he’s happy.

  13. The mental state caused by his heroic service and the sacrifices of his men being squandered by the Pedo lead to his snap.

    Colonel Hines has access to records that we will properly never see.

    LTC is the last rank before real politics gets involved, but he spoke his point of view in a highly unstable and inappropriate manner by co-opting both the service and the uniform while still on duty to express his opinions.

    Inagine if every Marine from E-nothing to Commandant could just spout off disagreements with the chain of command at will. You would not have a military at all.

    Regardless, he was punished lightly because he was a Narines Marine, not because he bad mouthed PDJT as well.

    I’m as big a conspiracy nut as anyone but his criticism of all sides just demonstrated his mental fragility. The guy is in so much anguish he snaps at everything.

    Explains why so many of us are loners, kill ourselves,or end up living under a bridge.

    AD suicides are up 50% under the Pedo, I wonder why…


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