Lt. Guv in Nevada Roughed Up By Security For Not Wearing a Mask

If this was a republican it would be running 24/7 in the news.

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  1. I saw this earlier this morning and my jaw literally dropped. There is also video of the run up in the meeting that is equally disgusting.

    These fucking cops are out of control and if they can do this to a black Lt Gov & skate, bet your ass that you’d be nothing more than a grease spot if they got you in their sights.

    Reminds me of a great scene in Unintended Consequences when a older ex-mil guy is stopped & waiting at some kind of checkpoint and witnesses out of control gestapo cops going crazy on another car of people.

    It’s great read-Henry Bowman is da man.

  2. Huh. I wondered who the affirmative action appointment would be to Kate Marshall’s position. I notice he couldn’t have been too injured. He never lost control of filming the whole thing with his phone. All that being said, this bullshit’s gone on long enough. I’m glad it’s happening to one of THEM now.

  3. A mask provides 10% protection. Imagine 10% protection with a pair of gloves. The one finger protected does nothing to protect from the cold. It will keep you warm if the temperature is warm. The mask protects 100% when the person does not have the virus. Imagine 10% protection with a condom? This mask stuff has proven alot of people cannot reason. The mass mask hysteria is 100% cuckoo.

  4. Good, maybe next he’ll think twice about not puttin his mask on. Non discriminatory, it doesn’t matter what your race is, put your f’n mask on.

  5. I’m confused.
    Headline and comments at the end of the video refer to him as the alt Gov., but article refers to him as “candidate “ for Lt Gov,

  6. Careful with this cat. He has a reputation as a drama queen and loose cannon. Not that he doesn’t have a valid cause here, but just be careful getting behind him until the facts come out.

  7. We need to start taking it to these want to be storm troopers. They need to feel some pain. They need to think twice before they decide to do some of that factious shit. If they don’t want to respect us maybe they can learn to fears us.

  8. “These fucking cops are out of control”

    Not cops.

    Wannabe cops. Security.

    Soon to be ex-security and unemployable as such in the future if the Lt Guv has anything to say about it.

    Hope we can get some follow-up on these heavy-handed goons in the future. A “Where are they now?” feature.

  9. @ Brad

    Here in Dallas, off duty cops are rented out for security wearing their uniforms. Wearing “Security” unis doesn’t happen.


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