Luis Gutiérrez announces he will not run for Re-Election! What Happened?

There must be some heavy duty dirt on Democratic Congressman Luis Gutiérrez for him to not run for re-election.

Rumors are embezzlement, laundered campaign money to his wife, sex scandal, etc…

Who got the last laugh here? (VIDEO)

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28 Comments on Luis Gutiérrez announces he will not run for Re-Election! What Happened?

  1. The concern should be, scandal or not, that he doesn’t turn into the Hispanic Al Sharpton. MSCBC and CNN will surely find a place for him in the future. Also, we forget that he might end up on one of the Spanish speaking networks as a political commentator.

  2. “We’ll just see him snarl and growl in a different shelter.”

    Yep, they are recalling his ass to Chihuahua Mexico. It’s no mystery he never represented the best interests of US citizens. The fucking rabid ass hole. Did I mention I hate this cxck sucker.

  3. President Trump is like living in earthquake territory. You get the big quake, which results in many after quakes. He is the gift that keeps on giving.

    How many of the vile congresspersons have been caught in the after shocks of the deplorables’ election, now? Their exposure as swamp rats, is like watching cockroaches scatter in the light of day, after being uncovered by the Trumpinator.

  4. He thinks PR will provide for a more lucrative gig than Chitcago.

    He has orders from Soros.

    He needs to make PR into a another drug hub.

  5. I wonder if Mueller’s probe is just a cover to get to Kankles and the band of treasonous bastards of the last 30 years in DC? DC, 12 square miles surrounded by reality.

  6. I’ll be glad to not see or hear him again. He snears like a rabid dog and when he rants it’s like he’s dripping venom from his mouth. He is a hateful man who is only interested in self enrichment.
    Of course, most of Congress is only interested in self enrichment. He’s just one of the most annoying.

  7. This anti-American piece of dog shit will scurry off to Puerto Rico where he owns an oceanfront villa and either run for governor or agitate for independence for Puerto Rico with himself as the first generalissimo thereby avoiding any prosecution for the numerous crimes he committed while defiling his seat in Congress. As usual Swampy Jeff Sessions and his Obama Department of No Justice for democrat party criminals will do nothing and probably throw a lavish Bon Voyage party for this scumbag.

  8. Todays Quiz:

    Luis Gutiérrez is not running for reelection because?

    A. He is an illegal alien?
    B. He was B. Hussein Obama’s secret lover and pet Chihuahua?
    C. He was Maxine Waters Maxi pad and it addled his brain?
    D. He really is a true alien from Mars?
    E. He has illegal Dreamer sex slaves locked up in his office
    F. All of the above

  9. The ConservativeTreehouse speculates he’s going to run for Gov of Puerto Rico where there are tens of millions in taxpayer money to skim into his pocket and those of his cronies.

  10. We know what did NOT happen
    – We know that Gutiérrez was not caught actually representing the best interests of the United States.


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