Luis Gutierrez triggered by ‘USA!’ chants, flees House chamber

American Mirror: Luis Gutierrez, the illegal alien-loving congressman from Illinois, appeared to be triggered during President Trump’s soaring rhetoric during the State of the Union address and fled the House chamber.

Trump praised the Capitol building, calling it a monument to the American people.

As applause broke out, so did chants of “USA! USA! USA!”  Gutierrez left his seat as several Democrats patted him on the arm as he retreated to a safe space.  Watch:

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  1. Last night Mother of all State of the Union addresses, next up Mother of all Memo Releases. Nope, not tired of winning yet!

    There will be The Mother of all Stampedes toward the tall grass when that happens

  2. I wish it was a gauntlet instead of an aisle he had to run through.
    A Viking Gauntlet, the kind they had for cowards and traitors

  3. I can understand that he puts race above being an American. I don’t agree with it.

    But for such a diminuitive man, he’s a gigantic faggot about it.

  4. We now have a political party in America that is clearly anti-American. You would think that we could elect people to represent America, yet we see every day members of the demoncrat party pronounce that America is bad, homophobic, racist, sexist, greedy, world destroying, polluting, climate changing, imperialistic, war criminals and promoters of the worst civilization this world has ever known.

    And yet even after promising to flee to other lands that they claim have so much better people and cultures than in America if Donald Trump ever became President – Yet here we are after one full year of the Trump Presidency, and ALL of the America hating political royalty and elitist and hollyweird stars are unaccountably still here in the USA.

    Why have they not fled to greener pastures as they themselves promised?

    They claim American culture and society is the worst on earth, and they claim President Trump is an embarrassment. They claimed they would leave, yet they are still here.

    Why is it that not a single member of the vaunted press ask them why?

    The truth is the press will NOT ask them, because if they did they would have to ask themselves why they remain here as well.

    My favorite truism remains:
    “Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear a word you are saying.”

    So instead of storming out of the SOTU address when the hurtful words “USA” are spoken. He and his fellow travelers should go ahead and improve their own lives (and the lives of Americans everywhere) and self deport yourselves to your idea of any other country you think is better than the USA USA USA USA
    (don’t let the door hit you where the Good lord split you)

    MSG Grumpy

  5. What was with the gaudy “burp cloths” demoncratic people of color, (including Gutierrez,) were wearing at the State of the Union last night? Is it a new fashion trend for minorities? Will it be their non-appropriatable star-belly Sneechwear?

  6. Grumpy, when the schools were surrendered to the Left, these people are who have directed the curriculum since the 60s.

  7. @Cliche Guevara January 31, 2018 at 8:56 am

    > when the schools were surrendered to the Left, these people are who have directed the curriculum since the 60s

    The schools were not surrendered. The communalists elected their own. America’s “men of honor” just follow orders. The schools were taken by armed assault. Of course, Americans put up no armed resistance. That would have required rolling off the couch. So… meh.

  8. Yo, Luis – don’t go away mad … just go away!

    Actually, I hope you’re fuming until your blood pressure makes your fucking head explode.

    Mexico for mexicans! Viva Trump!

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. campus reform made a gotcha video of college kids “reacting” to the SOTU before it happened… of the planted questions was “how weird was that, when trump got them all chanting USA USA”……

    then….this happens…….weird……

  10. Ronnie’s old party has hated America since 1960. that is why he left it in 1960! Dem hatred of Americans , like the MSM dishonesty, is unfortunately not news! We would all be better off and much safer were it new “news”!

  11. This is a gerrymandered district that was built to guarantee an hispanic delegate. The GOP didn’t bother looking for, or running a candidate. After this little tantrum from Luis the GOP better look for a candidate because even though it’s Chicago there have to be more then a few conservative/republican hispanics out there that are tired of this anti-american crap. Hell, they don’t even have to spend that much money just force Guiterrez to spend his.

  12. Secret Service shoulda kicked his ass, dragged him BACK to his seat, and told him – “Take your medicine like a BIG girl!” >:->

  13. “And I’ve got such a long way to go (such a long way to go)
    To make it to the border of Mexico
    So I’ll ride like the wind
    Ride like the wind”

    See ya!

    izlamo delenda est …

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