Lunatic- 28 Reasons I’m DONE Talking To Most Of My Conservative Friends And Family Members

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I have no problem with this bint deciding not to talk to conservatives, after all, I’m done with progressives. It’s just that her reasons are so, sooooo stupid.

You support revisionist history.

Says the moron who thinks Sanders’ socialism is gonna work this time, ignoring the historical data documenting the failure after failure of collectivism.

You use Biblical scripture to excuse yourself from feeding the hungry.

Conservatives contribute more to the poor than progressives. Churches contribute more to the poor than any progressive organization.

You care more about your guns than you do about children.

Caring about guns IS for the children. We will not allow the children to inherit an America where only the government possesses weapons.

You get excited about people dying.

Says the member of the party of abortion.

You assume that everyone who needs help are losers and parasites who refuse to work.

Welfare used to be a safety net that a fraction of Americans were on. More than half of all Americans need assistance? How did that happen?

You don’t want people who disagree with you to vote.

We don’t want people to vote ILLEGALLY. You leftists seem to have a problem distinguishing between legal activity and illegal activity. Work on that.

Speaking of war, you think draft dodging is OK and military service is for the little people.

Huh? There is no draft honeybunch. It’s all volunteers. And the last I checked it wasn’t exactly filled with men in skinny jeans, beards and ironic glasses, mincing around updating their pinterest accounts with pictures of man bulges sneakily taken with their Hello Kitty iPhones.

You’re greedy and miserable.

Uhhh, no. You’re jealous and miserable.

Have you formed a picture of what this dunce looks like?

Like trying to catch up to that car that cut you off, dontcha just have to see this moron?

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Tiffany Willis


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  1. You are lazy and refuse to read.
    You refuse to ever entertain another point of view.

    I’ve noticed the liberals trying to box in conservatives with this point quite a bit lately.

    She’s right on a certain level. We believe marriage is between a man and a woman — Any talk beyond that isn’t part of our beliefs. We believe in cisgender — Any talk beyond that isn’t part of our beliefs. Why would we entertain debates to allow boys in the girls room? It’s not logical, so we don’t entertain the idea. Same with abortion, economic policy, welfare, and the list goes on.

    At the same time, progressives refuse to see these things in any traditional logical sense of the manner.

    Me and my conservative friends don’t see the point debating that 2+2=5 like the progressives in common core will talk about all day long, in between gender-neutral bathroom breaks. We know 2+2=4, so that leaves the rest of the day to talk about other things that actually matter.

  2. Selfies are so childish. Why does an adult take them, and then publish them? Self absorbed, or insecure?
    I have to admit I took a selfie once. I was turkey hunting and I wanted to make sure my camouflage face mask wasn’t exposing any skin. I didn’t email or “facebook” it for all to see.
    Great rebuttal, by the way. You should post it on that site.

  3. Tiffany and I’ve never liked the name Tiffany probably owns more than one cat. Sorry, but I don’t talk politics or religion with any of my brothers or some of their equally progtard wives. I’d rather have a couple of brothers and keep peace in the family than make a big deal out of our disagreement over politics and religion. I may think they’re stupid because of their politics but they are more my brothers after all. Maybe it’s because I’m a veteran and they’re not, who knows. I take after my parents who are old school and conservative especially my Dad who was a small businessman for 60+ years, from the early 50’s until just recently and my youngest brother (Mr. Contrary, but I get along with him better than the other 2 of my brothers) took over the business of running the garage and auto repair service.

  4. Anonymous was me, sometimes I forget (or get in a hurry and don’t pay attention) to fill in all the blanks and post anonymously. I think we need an idiot check to make sure we’re posting things right sometimes. Sorry!

  5. Drivelous generalizations of preconceived imbecilities.

    Lady, learn some logic.

    For instance; if you don’t believe your religion is the One True Religion, then why do you adhere to it? Pretty fucking dumb.

  6. Her conservative friends and family members who are being shunned by her must be collectively breathing a sigh of relief!!

  7. She’s 47 and she still thinks like this? Grow up, already!

    How’s that Obamacare thing working out for you?

  8. I don’t have lefty friends, but the poor people hate me cause I’m rich and they are not.
    They also don’t work. I work 12 hour days. Sat and sun. 10 hour days.

  9. Guns, religion and Capitalism allowed us to become the most productive, the most powerful and the most generous nation the Earth has ever seen! Communists and Socialists are attempting (and succeeding) to tear it down to their level suck by overwhelming the system with more and more parasites and useful idiots like this every year!

  10. FarmWife, you and I think alike – that was my first thought when I looked at her photo.

    She reminds me of my neighbors, who mocked me for believing in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They actually said, to my face, that it was all bullsh*t. Yet, they believe in cat psychics. They are certain that a woman to whom they paid $75 was able to read their cat’s thoughts and report these thoughts accurately. And I’M the idiot, here?

  11. You’re liberal in youth, yet grow conservative in age.

    Yeah, its called growing a brain. See, I’m with you when I was younger. However, once you start questioning the wisdom of, say, throwing money at things like education, welfare, and Detroit and seeing that it has the opposite effect of what the politicians claim will happen, year after year, then you realize the labor you spend paying for it all is not a good deal for you or the country.

  12. There is so much I could say about this broad and her article but I am going to limit my post to three points.

    1.) Progressives will not listen to reason or change their minds. Take a look at what has happened during the last thirty years in our country. Everything that has happened has been according to their plans. And this is not just because they got up one day and decided to do something- This has been part of the great plan since Erasmus was composing poetry since the fifteenth century. We Conservatives are expected to relent and submit to the changes that they implement.

    2.) One thing I have noticed about “Progressive” women is that they expect/believe that everyone will agree with them or submit to their opinion whether or not it is valid. I had a friend who not matter what the subject was, expected me to agree with her on any topic of conversation. Made for a limited range of exchange. This woman and her 28 points of contention, is no exception.

    3.) Tiffany Willis runs a site called “Liberal America” and has several contributors to it. The common thread to it is people who expect the rest of us to take care of them. What i’ve seen in liberals is that they expect us to provide for their needs and take care of them. Whether it is by entitlement payment, phony lawsuit or inflated IPO, they want someone to provide for their material comfort by anymeans.

    There, that’s my contribution.

  13. OK, the coffee is kicking in..

    This is all about adulthood.
    Only children involve emotion in every aspect of life.
    People who disagree with Lazlo are only spherically wrong (wrong from every angle), but not evil, stupid, or mean.
    There used to be a time in the cafes and pubs and salons that a man or woman stated their idea, then stood by in polite silence as detractors piled on. Then argued their point some more.
    Nobody threw feces and flounced on day-beds like they do today
    It was passionate, rowdy, and polite.
    In those days the duel was legal.
    If the duel was legal today, undertakers would enjoy a reprisal of trade.

  14. Her conservative friends and family she claims to be done talking to are no doubt happy to no longer be ranted and raved at. She looks like the typical libturd who believes everyone must believe as she does or they are worthless. Seems like a win win situation to those she now claims to be ignoring.

  15. Thank you, BFH. I’m going to print this and use it as a reminder for how to respond (when I believe I need to) to progressive posters who comment on on-line articles. I get so furious I can’t think on my feet like you do. I appreciate you so much.

  16. You had better watch what you say about Liberal America. They have been saving the U.S.A. since 1776 from racist republican bigots and ammosexuals. I stand with them. They’re awesome.

  17. I watched the John Wayne movie “McLintock” again today and was reminded of some great words of wisdom about charity (or welfare).

    G.W. Mclintock is representing the Comanche warriors in a trial where the government wants to send them all to Fort Sill. He’s reading the translated words of the Comanche:

    ” … This what the white man calls charity is a fine thing for widows and orphans, but no warrior can accept it. For when he does, he is no longer a man, and when he is no longer a man, he is nothing and better off dead. You say to the Comanche you are widows and orphans, you are not men. And we the Comanche say that we would rather be dead.
    It will not be a remembered fight when you kill us, because we are few now and have few weapons, but we will fight, and we will die Comanche.”

  18. I was expecting a dyke buzzcut and facial piercings, maybe some facial tattoos, but she is morbidly obese and extremely unattractive – so at least I got that part right.

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