LUNCH!!! The iOTWreport Sandwich Cage Match!!!!

Brian in BC and Eugenia are going head to head with their sandwich.

The original iOTWreport recipe was:

Roast beef and bacon on lightly toasted sourdough bread, lightly smeared with mayo. romaine lettuce, tomato, vidalia onions. chopped pickles, minced garlic and horseradish.

Readers just catching up should know that we ran a series of polls to get to the official iOTWreport sandwich ingredients. In their submissions, both Brian and Eugenia made a few modifications, which was well within their discretion.

Here they are. You guys can vote on which you would order at the iOTWreport cafe.

I have to say, they both look unbelievable.

Brian in BC’s submission:



The adjustments were cheddar for Swiss and I subbed chipotle aioli for the horseradish and minced garlic. It has garlic and heat which is what we want, but I think it blends better, the rest was as listed. It was really good, The pickles were a surprisingly nice touch, added a bit more salt and tang. I’d definitely make it again and serve it to friends…conservative friends. -Brian in BC


Here is Eugenia’s submission:




Woeber’s Roasted Garlic Mayo, Coleman’s Hot English Mustard, Horseradish (pub style), a head of fresh garlic pan roasted in a little olive oil.
Coarsely chopped the roasted garlic, combined about 3 TBL each of the Mayo, Horseradish and one TBL of Mustard.  Mixed it all up and added 4 hefty grindings of black pepper and 2 grinding of garlic sea salt.

Lightly toasted the sour dough and slathered both sides with the sauce.  On one piece of bread layered romaine, tomato, lots of bacon.  On the other piece of bread layered thinly sliced red onion and roast beef. I admit to being a little light on the roast beef because I am a baconaholic.  Also am a garlicaholic followed by onionaholism. The toasted bread didn’t cause a problem because of the generous saucing.

Ate 2 bites and it’s excellent.  The real test was having Mr. Chef DH tell me it’s excellent and I can make him one any time. -Eugenia

26 Comments on LUNCH!!! The iOTWreport Sandwich Cage Match!!!!

  1. My reheated Manwhich seems rather superfluous right now…once I get past my gestational jealousy, I’ll rate both of them…and man! Do. They. Look. Delicious!

  2. I was going to go with Brian. But I don’t think he washed his hands. But then again, he probably has beer. This is a tough one.

  3. Euginia’s for the win. But I would like to fish with Brian in BC. And then I would eat his sandwich and tell lies about who caught the most and the biggest fish. I love fishing in Canada, and the people.

  4. Eugenia’s sandwich is clearly the best, it’s YUUUGE. All other sandwiches are losers. Plus, I just heard on Hannity that Brian’s sandwich is now endorsed and funded by the establishment and is now colluding with another loser sandwich in a last ditched attempt to bring down the clear front runner which is Eugenia’s sandwich.

  5. You can order mine in CDN funds and save like 25-30% on the exchange rate, it’s a real bargain. Eugenia, yours looks awesome, I need to up my bacon percentage. I’m also thinking that grilling the bread with olive oil over a charcoal grill will take it to the next level…now it’s on…hahaha.

    Brad, beer would definitely be served. Bridge Brewing Co. growlers of North Shore Pale Ale.

    Best served after hitting the heavy iron for appetite.

  6. I’d skip the Red Onion in Eugenia’s recipe. Too much strong onion aftertaste. It overpowers the sandwich. Substitute with a Sweet Vadalia.

  7. Both excellent sandwiches, Brian and Eugenia! If there is a sandwich competition (aside from IOTWr), suggest you submit your entries! Loved the pan roasted garlic idea, E. I’m a garlicaholic, too.

  8. All this for a sandwich! *smile*
    Euginia wins for gastric ecstasy and deliciousness.
    Brian in BC wins for a presenntation that would make Gourmet magazine jealous.

  9. No Vidalias or Beefsteaks in Ohio right now. Must be the fault of a son of a mailman.

    I don’t know about prices in Canada but the roast beef sent me into sticker shock. Boarshead is insane so I got the store brand. Since I don’t eat bread buying a loaf of sour dough sent me into sticker shock. WTF for a simple squashy loaf of bread?

    Thanks for all the positive comments. Was it the bribes or death threats that did the trick? BFH your money was put directly in your Caymen account. 🙂
    Brian’s presentation was definitely Martha Stewart Living worthy. The chipotle sounds delicious to me.

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