Lying Liberal Ladies Lie Liberally

American Thinker: “Oh!  What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive,” warned Sir Walter Scott.  That’s a good warning that falls on deaf ears among the leading ladies of the Democrats who have a penchant for telling tall tales about their pasts.  Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are now joined by new saviors from the left, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The “new rising star” of the Donkeys, according to Newsweek, Ocasio-Cortez unseated ten-term Democrat incumbent Joe Crowley in the recent New York City primary.  Crowley is part of the Democrat establishment, a creature of the bipartisan D.C. swamp inhabited by career politicians from both sides of the political aisle.  Ocasio-Cortez also has her eyes on the biggest prize of all, the White House, according to her own mother.

The self-proclaimed working-class “girl from the Bronx” actually grew up in Westchester County, New York, one of the ten wealthiest counties in the U.S.  It’s also the county Bill and Hillary Clinton now call home.  She lived there from age 5 through her high school graduation and was even registered to vote there until 2016.

Her campaign website bio makes no mention of her upper-middle-class suburban upbringing, instead mentioning only the Bronx.

At least she now lives in the Bronx, unlike a former U.S. senator for New York who didn’t live in New York until she decided to represent the state as a U.S. senator.  More on her later.  Ocasio-Cortez can certainly represent the Bronx, but misrepresenting herself and her upbringing makes her one of the Democrat ladies of the lie.

Across the country in California, in another liberal enclave, is another such lady, Senator Kamala Harris.  She is another up and coming socialist in the modern Democratic Party, “[s]tarting to make the right moves for 2020,” according to the Huffington Post.  She recently told some tall tales about her past.

She tweeted, in response to the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, that hers was only the second class in the Berkeley public schools to integrate.

Implying that a Justice Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court would automatically bring back slavery and segregation, she seems to be suggesting that confirming Kavanaugh to the high court will prevent anyone of color from becoming a lawyer or a member of Congress.

Unfortunately for her, the truth lies far removed from her tweet.  Photos from the Berkeley yearbook from 1963, a year before Harris was even born, shows that the school was already integrated.  Oops.  more here

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  1. Notice that she was taught the commie poster look. Gazing up and to the left with an expression of one seeing a glorious vision. Obama couldn’t wipe the smug look off his face but she has it nailed.

  2. Harris rose to power only because she was the whore of Willie Brown. Once a whore always a whore.

  3. With the exception of teeth that could double as diving boards, if she shaved her ass and walked backwards no one would know the difference.

  4. Here’s a theory that I have and it was initiated by something Dan Bongino has said repeatedly He said that there are republicans that are actually democrats, but there are no democrats that are actually republicans. I agree. And to keep it simple let me just call those left-leaning republicans RINO’s.

    My thought is this: The RINO’s are occupying the central position on the political scale. So the left has nowhere to move but further left. Think about the nineties. Bill Clinton OWNED the middle. The middle was always where the left retreated towards when they were getting defeated. Now the RINO’s own it. There is no room there, so the left is retreating farther left and in to socialism! The stupid RINO’s grabbed their space! Now the left is so far left that they look like crazy morons!

  5. Harris reminds me of when Bill Clinton remembers the church burnings in Arkansas when he was growing up.

    Like Berkeley Schools not being integrated until Harris was almost there, it never happened.

    But I thought everyone knew you aren’t supposed to fact check Democrats.

  6. Cortez is an obama retread.

    Fool me twice: shame on me.

    She’s got the crazy eyes, folks.

    Hey, heard she was head of the harvard law review…No, wait – that was Odumbo’s scam.

  7. If you live in the West, and pay attention you have known for 10 years that the Rove/Bush syndicate has been backing her since she left Bolt. The rest says she gets “wide bipartisan support”. they have back he “sub rosa” as they did Clinton from 10/15 to 10/16. When Clinton chickened out of the meeting with the Mexican President (9/16) her #’s were hit and the Bush/Rove panicked and openly said she was their “man”.

    Kam has not ,yet, made a similar mistake. so if you do not pay attention you do not know who the high “GOP’ backers the MSM refers tour. She is “the” Dem to watch – because she has “wide bipartisan” support. In plain American the words in quotes mean the GOP left (Rove/Bush) has had her back since he days as SF DA. to State AG to US Senate.

    The NY er is another Pocohantis. The Press loves her’ but real people don’t.


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