Lying Schiff Taken to the Woodshed By Jim Jordan

Look at this piece of Schiff. He continually says he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is, but if someone somehow wanders in their questioning into an area that might lead to the guy’s name, he stops the questioning.

How would he know that a particular name will out the whistleblower?

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  1. This Shiff Head makes guys like Harry Reid look like a statesman in comparison. The Democrats certainly excel at assholeism.

  2. When repubs take over again they need to make dems regret the day shitt took over the party. Hold hearings on every single dem cause they’re all corrupt.

  3. Anonymous NOVEMBER 19, 2019 AT 2:09 PM
    “Call me ! ” LT COL Vindman””

    ..that’s actually pretty odd that someone who wears a uniform more as a costume for a play wants to be called by a rank in the military that he dishonors by violating his oath and the chain of command and betraying the highest ranking Commander in that organization.

    …put another way, why would you expect the title of “Lt. Colonel” to be respected WHILE you’re shitting all over the title of Commander in Chief, and by extension, the ENTIRE COMMAND STRUCTURE?

    …I swear, if they didn’t have divided minds, they wouldn’t have minds at all, there must be a physical, hemispheric WIRING split inside their brains or there’s NO WAY they could live with THIS MUCH cognitive dissonance EVERY DAY…

  4. The Nad’ is tightening the rubber band and putting on his arm pit waist pants when Schiff hands the excrement baton off.

  5. When I was in the military it was perfectly fine to call an officer by “Sir” or “Mister xyz” rather than their title (wow, wasn’t there a movie called “Mister Roberts”.
    My how things change!
    But then again, the more they change, the more they stay the same {an asshole is still an asshole, no matter which side of the desk they sit on}:

  6. Just talked to someone who is not political at all. This is the first day they’ve watched any of the hearings and have not read any of the transcripts.

    They know I’m very political and that I’m almost a little crazy when it comes to wanting to know everything I can find out about a candidate. So they call me and say they just finished watching the hearing and can not believe anyone wanting to impeach the President or even be taken half way serious would think it was a good idea to have this man testify in public. Never have they seen someone who is so obviously lying and someone in the military who is such a baby they get so mad nobody in the room will listen to them so they’re going to cause such a stink they have to pay attention to them. The he is so obvious the whistleblower who found someone with the political ties to cause the stink.

    This is person isn’t a Hillary voter, but they are one who cast their first vote for a Republican President in 2016.


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