Macron to Unveil New Measures on Monday to Allay ‘Yellow Vest’ Anger

Breitbart: Paris (AFP) – French President Emmanuel Macron will go on television on Monday evening to announce a series of policy changes based on the feedback received over two months of public consultations triggered by the “yellow vest” revolt.

Macron will give a televised speech at 1800 GMT setting out the “first concrete measures” to be taken in response to the “concerns raised” at over 10,000 debates held around the country as well as the nearly two million contributions made online, the presidency told AFP.

Two days later he will give a press conference to discuss his policy adjustments, the presidency added — a rare move by a leader who has avoided press conferences since his election in 2017, apart from when receiving foreign leaders.

One of Macron’s aides told AFP that the country could look forward to “a new act” in the centrist’s presidency, characterised by “profound changes.”

On Sunday evening, Macron was meeting with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and cabinet ministers to fine-tune his announcements, the advisor said.

Macron launched his “Grand National Debate” on January 15 to try end the biggest crisis of his presidency.

In mid-November, demonstrators furious over rising fuel taxes and inequality began occupying roundabouts in rural France, kickstarting a movement that quickly snowballed into a full-scale anti-Macron revolt.

Every Saturday over the past five months, tens of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of Paris and other cities to protest policies they see as skewed towards the rich and big business.  more here

7 Comments on Macron to Unveil New Measures on Monday to Allay ‘Yellow Vest’ Anger

  1. Come on, Frenchies. How long is this going to take? Start talking to the police and get more of them on your side. Get a plan together. Rioting on weekends only is just a hobby, not a revolution.

    Maybe ask Italy and Hungary for some ideas.

  2. Aaron Burr – I haven’t seen you in ages. I hope you are well.

    They gotta get rid of Macron. The people need to find allies within government to help. Some who are sympathetic. If they are hostile then find out where they live and surround it. Make them all uncomfortable.

  3. Yet still nothing being done about the centuries old skids marks and ill ignorance of hygiene.
    Vive la France!


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