Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade To Be “Virtual”

Fox News

The iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will not be live this year because of coronavirus risks — instead, viewers will be able to “feel the spirit and joy of that day” on television and online, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday.

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  1. Since they’ve cancelled the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and will make it virtual this year, will they also make Black Friday virtual as well. Somehow I doubt it, the ferals will still be able to act like animals just like their BLM counterparts. How else are they going to pay for Christmas? This year is making me all too cynical about everything that is going on both culturally and politically.

  2. Hard pass. It’ll be one long, rolling lecture about Teh Genocide and Slavery, with lots of kneeling on an endless BLM Avenue. Probably with virtual Antifa snack trucks flinging Hot Pockets to the virtual crowd.

  3. My Father would have been so disappointed. He loved the Macy’s Day parade. We went a few times when I was young and then he took my nieces in the 90’s. He loved going and being in the thick of it. He was only 5’6″ so he would bring a small ladder to watch the parade. I watch it now on TV anyway while cooking but its a great memory! Everything normal has changed this year and not sure if it will go back to normal anytime soon!

    God Bless us all!!

  4. @Sylvia – was thinking the same thing.

    The Roc Center Christmas Tree is on the CHOPPING block, so to say, trust me. They will have to do ‘skating distancing’ if they allow it. Oh wait, THE WAIT on the waiting line?? Not going to happen unless it wraps around the block several times.

    @geoff the aardvark – excellent. Get on it @BFH…

    What a shame about the parade…@MaryHatch.


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