Mad Maxine Waters CAUGHT Threatening the President “I will go and take Trump out tonight!”

Maxine Waters vows I will go and take Trump out. YouTube keeps deleting the incriminating …

YouTube has taken down the video from the Ali Forney Center gala in New York City on October 13th where it only took Maxine Waters 27 seconds before she threatened President Trump. We’ve looked everywhere but the video is gone.
After much digging, we found a clip of it on Facebook so here you go.

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32 Comments on Mad Maxine Waters CAUGHT Threatening the President “I will go and take Trump out tonight!”

  1. Youtube deletes, hillary deletes, google deletes.

    Threats on Trump from a congress*person* plus supression of speech. This wont end well

  2. Stupid sheboon with ugly ape “paws”.
    I am embarrassed for us that these low IQ
    commie women negros are the laughing stock
    of America.Imagine someone so stupid and vapid
    as to vote for these POS ???

  3. I think the front gate should let her in , and make her go up and ring the bell.
    Have Mrs. Trump answer the door and ask her in for a cup of tea , just to see how she behaves.
    It would all be on tape.
    It will never happen because she is a coward.

  4. Saturday night at midnight after a night of bourbon.
    Should I comment on SuperMax?

    Perhaps not. I value my freedom. It’s not like I’m a former First Lady with a get out of jail free card.

  5. She is a fool, but a dangerous fool. Of couse, she herself would never do anything but she hopes by her words to incite actions that she can later blame Trump for inspiring.

  6. I wish some prankster would rush the stage and snatch the wig off her nappy head. The reaction would be the same as filling the room with laughing gas. I guess only the left employs these methods, too bad.

  7. I think the only reason people like her are put in and kept in office is not because they are effective legislators, but because they reflect the contempt their voters have for society.

  8. Well, Fox has the tape because they have shown it this morning. It still won’t get her in trouble but at least youtube didn’t totally destroy it.

  9. i wish she would show up at the white house so melania could slap her cross-eyed. would do my heart good to see her wig and glasses going in one direction and her dentures going in the other

  10. They should arrest her ass and throw away the key. She’s a congressman who can get access to the President, so is clearly a threat.
    While they’re ridding us of her, they should hang the traitor they all love.
    That SOB who cost lives and Obama gave away our money for and gave away 5 terrorists for who pleaded guilty to desertion said, “The Taliban is more honest than the U.S. Army. We should go back to Kangaroo Courts and Lynch Mobs.”
    We should go back to the punishment for treason is death and hang his ass. Not a lynch mob, just the simple law if you commit treason against your country you receive death.
    We’re going to have to hear this idiot for the rest of his miserable life.

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