#MADA??? I won’t be participating

What’s #MADA?

Make America Dinner Again.

The idea is to have progressives and conservatives eat dinner together. I’d go if I was the only conservative (but I wouldn’t eat- more on that later), because, I will vomit, and I don’t want anything to splash on any great patriots.


Make America Dinner Again (M.A.D.A.) is bringing people of divergent views together for a nosh. It may be a surprise to hear that there’s a Seattle chapter, which means they somehow found enough Conservatives for a few chairs at the tables.

“What they do is take the politics out of the initial meeting,” said KIRO Radio’s Tom Tangney. “So you end up realizing that people are more than just their politics. When you have a dinner with somebody, you focus not just on the political beliefs, as much as the person who has those beliefs.”

The M.A.D.A. meals tend to begin with a personal, nonpolitical conversation so guests can learn about each other before taking the plunge into political territory, reports The Seattle Times. This familiarity makes it more difficult to simply dismiss the other person and their beliefs when later debating.

But KIRO Radio’s John Curley isn’t entirely convinced it’s a good idea.

“I would never want to attend one of these dinners. I’ve been to these things — it’s called Seattle,” Curley said. “Most of my friends are Liberal, and when you sit as a Conservative, you just sit there as they scream and yell about how horrible Trump is and what a Nazi he is and how dumb people are that voted for him.”


Especially don’t go if the left is in charge of making the food. You know these deranged pricks are doing stuff to it.

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  1. Seems like a neat idea until the bill comes and they expect you to pay 80% of the bill because you make more money (and that’s why they ordered two appetizers and the most expensive entree), and then go on to lecture you about tipping 20% because the server should be getting $15 an hour and needs a living wage (only to have the server remind you that Seattle has a $15 an hour wage but their hours were cut due to costs and they are making less money now).

  2. I avoid interacting with Libtards. For their benefit and mine. Seriously, has anybody ever changed a Libtards mind about anything? I don’t think so.

  3. @ChristianPDX – You hit the nail on the head. I knew a couple from some time ago (libs) who when they went out with a group, would suggest the bill is split evenly among the table. Then when the waiter takes the order, they will let everybody else order first, feigning the excuse they haven’t made up their minds. Then when they finally go (last), just like you said, a couple of expensive appetizers (for 2 naturally) and then some hefty priced entrees.

    Not long after my wife and I got married, there was a group get together of friends for dinner, then out to a club afterward. I was working, so I said I would meet them at restaurant, but knowing I would not make dinner. My wife met me there, also not going to make dinner, but would join in for dessert. When I got there, dessert was just finishing up. My wife had ordered a piece of cheesecake and coffee that was like around $7.

    The lib husband was figuring out the split for the table. Of course the jackass tried to be slick and included my wife in the entire dinner split, so he says everybody was to pony up around $25 each. Of course my wife said she was not paying $25 when she had $7 worth of food. She would give $8, $7 for the dessert and $1 tip. Of course they got snooty about it, since that now meant their bill for dinner went up a few extra dollars.

    After that we stopped going out in any group format if they were attending. Eventually everybody wised up and that ended things.

  4. If liberals provide the food, they’ll buy with food stamps, and if they prepare it they’ll spit on it, and in it, or worse. I’d go If I could hold the liberals at gun point the whole time, and never let them out of my sight. And even then I don’t think I’d eat anything that had been in the same room with them.

  5. I was turned off by the use of the word “nosh”. What are we, a bunch of freaking Brits? And no, I’m NOT surprised it happened in Seattle, where anyone to the right of Lenin is “conservative”. Just a bunch of lefties of various shades of (bloody) red getting together.

  6. Only do this under one circumstance; if there is an equal number of conservos and proggos at dinner. Otherwise you’re going to have one of those “conversations”

    Most of my 7 siblings (and all the sisters) have drunken the progg Koolaid, but I do have one brother who is a big time conservo-brain and another who at least backs us up.

    There is a big time difference in the tenor of discussions when I’m alone against the lib sisterhood and when my conservobros are on the scene. Sort of like the difference between a nuclear reactor with proper control systems and Chernobyl

  7. F*CK NO! I’ve already ended the relationship with my dear (if misguided MoR-Leftist) sister’s husband…the rotted-brain monster he is.

  8. Meh. Have had to share meals for years with the Libtards in my extended family. Relationships remain strained, so no thanks. Ever tried to present actual FACTS to a Libtard? Futile doesn’t begin to describe the attempt…..

  9. I now have a dog instead of kin/kith; much more relaxing, and no arguments (Dog is, of course, always right!).

  10. Absolutely terrible idea.

    Speaking of having liberals prepare and/or serve a conservative. One month before he died, Andrew Breitbart attended a party at Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn’s house. He spoke of it at the CPAC blogger conference in 2012. I video’d it.

    No proof to back up my suspicions, but I thought it odd that he would attend such a thing at the time. When he unexpectedly croaked not long after red flags went up. They are leftist terrorists, after all.

  11. Sample of Dim conversation:

    Campus Reform to college student: What are your political beliefs?

    Student: Oh, I’m a socialist Definitely.

    CR: Have you heard about Venezuela?

    St: No

    CR: They’re starving down there.

    St: Oh, I don’t know anything about that.

    This conversation left my jaw on the floor. Instead of “I’ll look into that,” “Tell me more,” or even “Really? Are you sure?” they dismiss it because they have not heard of it from their left-wing sources. Therefore, it is not real.

    My leftist relative goes by the idea: If it’s not on CNN, it didn’t happen. When asked how he could still be for Hillary after all she’s done, he asked, “Where are the indictments? Well, then…”

    He cannot conceive that his sources or his candidate/government are corrupt.

  12. Can’t link to a vid from here, but in my head I see a 3 Stooges routine with distracted plate and drink switching culminating in major pie throwing.

  13. There’s a local TV station that’s been doing that here in Toronto for a while now. It’s interesting but kind of dull what with Canadians being pretty polite. I’d like to see one from your side of the border. I suspect it would be a lot more exciting 🙂

  14. They only do this crap whenever a repub is in office. When a dim is in office they’re all “FUCK THOSE PEOPLE!!!! SHAME THEM AT THANKSGIVING!!!”

    You want me to have dinner with a douchebag? Bring a mop. Cause damn near everything on the table is hitting them in the head before splattering all over the floor.


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