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Madonna’s NFT A Disturbing Take on Female Anatomy

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She was born to be a superstar, that’s exactly what she is. And Madonna could care less if you don’t like her new (and pretty NSFW) NFT [non-fungible token]. After all, according to the singer, “it’s not often a robot centipede crawls out out [SIC] of my vagina.” More

26 Comments on Madonna’s NFT A Disturbing Take on Female Anatomy

  1. …she’s getting up there.

    Not too long before ACTUAL centipedes set up shop in her vagina, and other, less-celebrated parts of her body, along with other worms.

    Glad she’s at peace with it.

    But I’m not interested in a worthless token to commemorate it.

  2. Madonna could have turned her super stardom into being the grand dame of Pop. A mentor for up and coming talent. But, nope. She pumps her face full of toxic goo to hold onto her “youth” and wrecks her legacy from the ‘80’s.

    I hope that Lady GaGa is watching and learning to not make the same mistakes that Madonna has.

  3. If it isn’t menstruation blood or a newborn exiting a vag, it most likely is a yeast infection or nasty STD…or a robotic caterpillar in Madonna’s case. Please sweetheart you’re not relevant anymore

  4. “Hey, look what the nanoparticles in my jabs built! Maybe that fourth booster was one too many.”

  5. I never appreciated the allure of that raspy See You Next Tuesday when she first showed up on the scene four or five decades ago. Nothing’s changed.

  6. Isn’t she the one who invented ‘twerking?’ I was too busy to pay attention much back then except I remember thinking she was ugly, gross, untalented and absurd.

  7. A centipede and God only knows how many other creatures are inhabiting that cavernous cesspool.

  8. General Mal – “twerking” – Miley Cyrus gets credit for that degradation of females in particular and society in general.

  9. When shtick is your main talent eventually it gets as old as you are, meaning Madonna (in my opinion).

  10. I was kinda hopin’ to she old McDonna pooping out Ashley Judd who would herself be pooping out McDonna.

    – Recursion

  11. Garbage in, garbage out.
    Anything that would crawl outta that petrified kitty cat is bound to be hazardous waste material.
    Where’s the EPA when ya need them?

  12. She’s got a tree growing out of her hoo-ha.

    Makes her a cunt-tree. Of her own. Lower Twatland.

    In fact, she’s in her own universe.

  13. “Couldn’t.”
    “She couldn’t care less.”
    “Madonna could not care less.”

    Also: eww.

  14. A washed-up no-talent pendulous lowlife pushing 70, one of society’s screeching failures and embarrassments who forced her family to live in mud. The daughter is doomed to repeat and hang out on the nearest street corner, if she isn’t doing it already.

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