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Maduro Declares Nationwide Electricity Rationing


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Monday a 30-day ration on electricity after weeks of power outages in the beleaguered country.

Under the plan, schools would stay closed and officials will cut the length of the workday. Maduro said the plan also would make sure Venezuelans receive water. More

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  1. I suppose they’re rationing croissants at the airport, too. Just a whole bunch of bad luck for Venezuela, right? Bad, bad luck.

  2. ” Just a whole bunch of bad luck for Venezuela, right? Bad, bad luck.”

    Not in the minds of our native socialists. It’s an execution problem. THEIR version of socialism will be just great.

    All you have to do is dis-arm yourself, give up local control of anything and let their government run everything. It’ll be ‘Socialism Done Right!’.

    Have they trademarked that yet?

  3. Don’t give the pin-heads any ideas……

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Study the electricity rationing plan carefully. We will need it when the green new deal is implemented.
    “Darling oh Darling, is the wind blowing today? I want to watch TV.”

  5. Ask leftist here and they’ll declare all the problems are from capitalist hording and The Untied States inflating their currency. Jimmy Dore is especially stupid about why Venezuela is failing so hard.

  6. Yup, Dr Tar. Lefties are telling me Venezuela is failing because we won’t buy their oil. . . la di da di da da da

  7. …no loss that the schools are closed. Nothing but indoctrination anyway.

    …just like the United States…

  8. Member of OPEC?
    One of the more resource-rich nations on Earth?

    “No phone, no lights, no motor-cars, not a single luxury!”
    No fuckin food, either!

    And this ain’t Gilligan’s fucking Island!

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Not for nothing, and to put things in perspective, they had quite a few substations randomly explode a few weeks back… which may or may not have been caused by US Special Forces.
    I believe this is a hollow victory lap against Socialism.

  10. The united states better not help them.

    They did this to themselves. On purpose.

    seized american companys. really enjoyed all that upside.

    NOW the shit hit the fan. NOW they want help.

  11. The United States doing asymmetric warfare because …OIL! Taking out the main power source is one way to destroy a country unwilling to submit to being controlled by the USA. So many comments, but not one presenting the truth. Even Trump is gloating over the destruction of Venezuela by having the CIA coup-puppet Guaido’s treasonous staff in the White House. CIA/Pentagoons crawling all over themselves here to promote lying propaganda. The only “help” the USA ever gives is to make sure the most people die as is possible. The USA flag is symbolic of death and destruction, and has been for a very long time.
    War Is A Racket
    By Major General Smedley Butler

  12. Historical facts represent how US intervention usually means human suffering and death to the people. Just as is happening in Venezuela AND is in progress in genociding Yemen with Trump’s military cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

    The US Has Invaded 70 Nations Since 1776 –
    Make 4 July Independence From America Day
    By Dr Gideon Polya
    05 July, 2013
    “The human cost of these US interventions has been horrendous. A major component of war- or hegemony-related deaths is represented by avoidable deaths from violently-imposed deprivation. Since 1950 the UN has provided detailed demographic data that have permitted calculation of such avoidable deaths, year by year, for every country in the world. ”

    “Except for the Global Avoidable Mortality Holocaust of over 1.3 billion avoidable deaths since 1950 and 18 million avoidable deaths per year, the above analysis does not take into account US subversion of virtually every country on earth. One visible expression of this subversion is the presence of US forces in hundreds of bases around the world.”

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