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Maduro’s Abuse of Venezuela’s Golden Goose

Oil has accounted for 90 percent of Venezuela’s exports. The socialist nation sits on one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world and after destroying the industry, Venezuela’s President Maduro has sold large portions of what’s left to the Russians. More

6 Comments on Maduro’s Abuse of Venezuela’s Golden Goose

  1. Following SOP of communist thug dictators, Maduro is feathering his own nest, ruining his country in the process, and timing his getaway before the people are able to get to him and mete out justice.

  2. I’m sure Maduro has excellent security but they do say that a single man who doesn’t care for his own life can take a tyrant down. I wonder where the Venezuelan patriot is that would be willing to sacrifice himself (or herself) to stop this brutal, criminal psychopath from destroying his country. A bullet to the head, a bomb vest, whatever it takes. I suspect that things have gotten so bad that even after Maduro has gone to hell the army (which has been thoroughly compromised) would not step in against the people. Hell, maybe even the CIA could do the job on the sly as a favour to those poor starving people. Even if they do hate the States no country should endure that sort of torture.

  3. The people that Venezuela really needs are the ones that are smart enough to jump ship early. About 10% of the citizenry has left, and they ain’t coming back until Venezuela completely collapses or Maduro is overthrown, or both. There’s a reason these socialist paradises build walls, and it isn’t to keep people like Bernie Sanders out.

    Socialists fail to realize that the real worth of a nation is measured by its citizens. There are African and South American nations sitting on veritable gold mines yet are shit holes, and countries like Japan that are not so blessed with natural resources yet do pretty well. Once the gifted, driven, motivated and/or industrious people start leaving, your nation is basically toast.

    Venezuela is, at present, at its zenith under Maduro. As depressing as the current situation is, it is even more depressing to realize that it isn’t going to get any better. Sure, Venezuela can sell off its oil reserves and production facilities to the Russians, but ask Cuba how much the Russians care for their own common folk – much less someone else’s.


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