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Maduro’s Hilarious Show Of Force

In the most unsubtle way possible, Venezuela’s embattled socialist president took multiple opportunities to show that the military still backs his regime.

Here’s el presidente out for a brisk jog with what looks like a whole platoon. Then there’s Maduro and wife Cilia Flores having a Dukakis like moment in an “amphibious tank.” More

19 Comments on Maduro’s Hilarious Show Of Force

  1. He could stretch a rubber glove over his scalp, shove a feather duster up his ass and stand in a tree and he would probably make a more convincing dodo bird

  2. WTF is a Maduro? From the picture looks like a scene from McHale’s Navy season 4 from Voltafiore, Italy.
    Loved the Mayor,,,

  3. The fine people of Venezuela will take to the streets with their guns and settle this issue with their corrupt government.

    What? I see….nevermind.

  4. You guys all think this is funny but, I live near the water and from what I saw in the videos, I’m not sure I can out run him.

  5. Stacey Abrams is giving the Dem response to the SOTU.
    My not watching it is my response to it as STFU.
    No offense to you Thirdtwin meant, actually thanks for the heads-ups.


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