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Maeklong Railway Market

Vendors and shoppers must periodically make way for trains at this unusual Thai market.

thailand Maeklong Railway market

AtlasObscura: The Maeklong Railway is only 3 feet wide, but it has 5-10 feet of clearance on both sides, giving merchants a tight but workable space in which to set up their tented displays. Market stalls line a 300-meter stretch of urban railroad, selling everything one might expect to find in any Thai market: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, herbs and spices, clothing, flowers, and tempting street food. Six times a day, however, the hubbub has to momentarily pause in deference to a train rolling through its midst. read more

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  1. It’s ingenious and hilarious, the road way keeps an isle open for pedestrians to shop in the shade and when a train comes down the tracks, the stalls move back away, on tracks.
    See the unbroken horizontal lines, tracks.

  2. Just came all the way

    from Taipei today

    Bangoks pissing rain

    and I’m going blind again

    and haven’t seen My gal

    for fifteen thousand miles

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