‘Mafia’ Michael Bloomberg, The Bailout Billionaire

National Pulse: The Chief Investment Officer for Motley Fool Asset Management described presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s stranglehold over the financial industry as “the closest thing to a mafia power that exists in finance”.

Then-CIO Bill Mann appeared on a Motley Fool financial podcast in 2016, discussing the Bloomberg Terminal apparatus that accounts for a vast majority of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s immense wealth – much of it from clients funded by the Bush/Obama-era bailouts.

The Bloomberg Terminal – effectively a custom keyboard and dual monitors paired with proprietary “Bloomberg Professional” software –  has become a mainstay of corporate elites since the 1980s.

“…I don’t just mean New York City, I mean San Francisco, Tokyo, Kazakhstan, whatever, whoever’s in finance,” Mann added. more

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  1. I aspire to be a mini billionaire so i can run roughshod over people like mike bloomberg.

    I pledge that when i am president, all marxists and homosexuals will be required to drive a large suv in order to be allowed to live in the US.


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