MAGA: TONS of Enthusiasm for Tonight’s NJ Trump Rally, Record 175,000 Tickets Requested

Dan President Trump is likely to receive a very warm welcome in the Democratic stronghold of New Jersey for tonight’s highly anticipated Wildwood rally.

The event, which will take place at the Wildwood Convention Center, has seen supporters line up since Sunday, according to the New York Times:

By Monday at 3 p.m., the line outside the convention center had snaked up and down several blocks, and was growing quickly.

Those with spots close to the front had arrived at about 2 p.m. on Sunday and had spent the night bundled in blankets, “Keep America Great” flags and woolen Trump 2020 hats.

And President Trump was not even scheduled to appear at the convention center until Tuesday night.

WABC reports that campaign senior adviser Lara Trump told WPG Talk Radio that a record 175,000 tickets had been requested for tonight’s rally–more so than any other Trump rally to date. read more

5 Comments on MAGA: TONS of Enthusiasm for Tonight’s NJ Trump Rally, Record 175,000 Tickets Requested

  1. That Trump guy is not very popular is pure BS. Popularity ratings could be used for fertilizer. President Trump is the most popular man in America.

  2. Its funny reading financial news on other sites. Those dumbasses still talking about ‘virus scare’. LOL
    Virus cure stocks sinking and there is a fucking stampede back into the mkt today.

    The virus bullshit is over.

  3. Has there ever been a candidate anywhere that has an able to draw crowds like President Trump? He just says he is going to show up and there are 175,000 fellow citizens to greet him. This is enough to make dimi’s need to change their diapers. Their total, with all 74 candidates combined, does not even approach that number for one night.
    Their condition will come to be known as “democratic diarrhea”.


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