Maggie Haberman of the NY Times Reports That Trump Has Capitulated on SOTU Address – Says It Is Canceled at Capitol

Take this with a grain of salt. The leftwing media has proven to be unreliable.

NY Times-

WASHINGTON — President Trump said he would look for alternative venues for his State of the Union address on Tuesday, appearing to capitulate after Speaker Nancy Pelosi again told him she would not invite him to deliver it at the House until the government reopens.

The decision came after a tit-for-tat between Mr. Trump and Ms. Pelosi over the State of the Union address. Mr. Trump told Ms. Pelosi on Wednesday that he would deliver the speech in the Capitol next week as originally scheduled. Ms. Pelosi fired back that he was not welcome unless the government was fully open.

It had concluded, at least by late afternoon, with Mr. Trump declaring at the White House, “The State of the Union has been canceled by Nancy Pelosi because she doesn’t want to hear the truth.”

Ms. Pelosi had invited Mr. Trump to deliver the speech in a letter on Jan. 3. But on Jan. 16, she warned that there were security concerns about the president’s coming to Capitol Hill because of the partial government shutdown, which began about a month ago.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump responded, sending Ms. Pelosi a letter in which he said that he had checked — and that there were no such concerns from the Secret Service.

“Therefore, I will be honoring your invitation, and fulfilling my Constitutional duty, to deliver important information to the people and Congress of the United States of America regarding the State of our Union,” the president wrote.

“It would be so very sad for our Country if the State of the Union were not delivered on time, on schedule, and very importantly, on location!” he wrote.

Within hours, Ms. Pelosi fired back with a letter of her own, telling the president she would not pass a resolution authorizing him to come until the government has reopened. “Again, I look forward to welcoming you to the House on a mutually agreeable date for this address when government has been opened,” she wrote.

In a closed-door meeting with House Democrats on Wednesday morning, before Mr. Trump sent his letter, Ms. Pelosi made it clear that she still believed the speech should not occur, and advised lawmakers against arranging for their families to be at the Capitol for it.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, told reporters, that “unless the government is reopened, it’s highly unlikely that the State of the Union will take place on the floor of the House of Representatives.”


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28 Comments on Maggie Haberman of the NY Times Reports That Trump Has Capitulated on SOTU Address – Says It Is Canceled at Capitol

  1. The terminology is palpable: NY Times needs to put Trump in a bad light and Pelosi in a good one. So she forced that he won’t speak in the House chambers. Perhaps Senate will invite him, or he just does it from the Oval Office. It’s impossible for Trump to lose on this one, he will give his speech and any departure from the norm is because of the other side.

  2. Why can’t the president invite 435 citizens to the House chamber to enjoy his SOTUS? After all it is ours.

  3. What the hell is Nancy talking about? It ain’t her House, IT’S OUR HOUSE! President Trump is the President Of the United States of America and is therefore HER President…..It has become more important then ever that he gives the SOLU in the House chambers and lets Nancy wipe spittle for her thinning jaws…

  4. Love that particular picture of Nancy, the look of a windbreaker and I don’t mean a jacket suitable to wear in kite flying weather.

  5. I has read the constitution several times and taken classes on it.
    ain’t NEVER seen no part that the speaker of. the house, a political prize, beats a national election for the Presidentcy. Maybe you are hitting the sauce too hard and too often.

  6. It’s hard to imagine Nancy believing she is going to win this. I can think of several scenarios that makes her look to be the idiot that she is. And I bet Trump has something even better.

  7. Refusing to let the President speak isn’t the wisest of all things.

    Remember, Democrats, he’s the one that has to sign any bill you pass into law.

    IMO, Trump should just reschedule the SOTU to December of this year saying he hopes the shutdown will have ended by then.

  8. Just call Nancy and tell her that instead of the SOTU Address he is going to call this the FISA Disclosure Event. Read the highlights from the Oval Office, and tell the world that the shit is about to hit the fan!

  9. Every district they represent should be made to suffer and that is where the first federal firings should begin. All of them. Relocate their services to red states.

  10. You kind of hope that Trump and his crew have been behind the scenes, renting the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas home of the Dallas Cowboys and filling the seats with conservatives of all stripes and that he gives the State of the Union speech from there. The networks would be given an hours notice, just time enough to get the local stations to get a camera there. It would never happen but I think Pelosi and Schumer would join in a suicide pact at Vince Foster Park in DC if it did.

  11. The letter from Trump was just a formality. He knew she’d kick him out after he grounded her. He doesn’t want to do the SOTU under House rules, and he wanted to get out without walking away. Nancy just gave him what he wanted by caving in to her emotions.

    Now we won’t have to watch the glaring, the grimacing, the teeth-sucking, the flouncy walkouts or the candy-crush cretins. And no matter where it is, the Dems have to respond. Even Queen Nancy can’t stop that. Personally, I can’t wait to see how Trump redefines the SOTU.

  12. The same Maggot Haberman who jump all over the school kids who were attacked at the Lincoln Memorial, that Maggot Haberman?

    Yeah, sure, I believe her.

  13. the Constitution gives the President the power to adjourn the House and send the daft cow home if he wants- if there is a national emergency or unusual circumstance. he can call either the House or the Senate into session and he can adjourn either one or both. it’s in the Constitution which doesnt state where he gives the State of the Union or when just that he does. bitch has no power to stop the State of the Union which the President is Constitutionally obliged to give. Haberman is a main leak vehicle for the Clintons in particular and the Deep State in general.

  14. This is great theatre. I hope Trump shows up at the Capital building with a guard of Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen. What will Nancy do? Tell the House Sargent-at-arms to block him?

    This could be the spark that starts Civil War V2. We may be only 6 days away from a really, really big show.

  15. Hey, President Trump. If you read this before going to bed and lose sleep from laughing, please forgive me. How bout addressing the nation from inside the walls of nutty Nancy’s mansion?

  16. @judgeroybean January 23, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    > How bout addressing the nation from inside the walls of nutty Nancy’s mansion?

    How rude!
    (Of course, the “immigrant” camp on the front lawn is still in public view, so that’s an option.)

  17. Levin suggested the Pennsylvania State House aka Independence Hall tonight. Amazing optics and an education for the moronic left.

  18. President Trump, our President, has earned the right to give this SOTU as he chooses.
    I salute him and I will enjoy wherever he chooses to speak.

    And he will totally burn Pelosi’s ass in a sulphuric inferno in the process, which will be another cause for celebration.

  19. How about giving the SOTU on tv from … wait for it … Brussels!

    Brussels was on Nancy’s itinerary last week, even though she and her entourage had no official business there.

  20. Rent a Large Stadium charge $5 a ticket to cover the rental.
    Allow Disable Vet’s free access if they wish. Present and Video record the STATE OF THE UNION given to the likely filled and packed solid Stadium.

    Use the remaining collected stadium funds to produce package and deliver 535 DVD copies to Congress (House and Senate) .

    Article II, Section 3 of US Constitution only says:
    The President “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” In person is NOT required and in fact was done by a written report/letter 100’s of times prior to Radio and TV.

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