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  1. …if you want Buttmunch Magic, it would be better represented by one of those blow-up dolls with the round mouths, male edition.

    He’s gay. That’s pretty much his whole act.

    …or “hole” act, as the case may be…

  2. He’s the beto of the week.

    Since hillary clinton, the left has been throwing sh-t against the wall to see what sticks:
    hillary clinton
    beto o’rourke
    Mr. Butt

    Most amazing is that sh-t can be stacked as high as those people manage to stand.

  3. He reminds me of this little kid in my kindergarten class who repeatedly peed in his pants during nap time.

  4. Bootygreed is one sick SOB. He believes his qualification to become POTUS is his perversion. Puffing peters does not make leaders.

  5. “Puffing peters does not make leaders.”

    …It does in the Democrat party, @Hambone, cf. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, that Butthole guy, Barry “Barack Obama” Soetoro, etc., etc., etc…it seems it’s not only considered an ASSET, but a REQUIREMENT.

    …maybe it’s kind of their version of “Blood In, Blood Out”, in that they insist on having compromising information on each other as a protection against their OWN exposure.

    …or maybe they just like the taste…

  6. This entire democRAT collection of buffoons are a bunch of angry clowns, standing on a soapbox of Hate & Division, each promoting their own special little gimmick in place of any kind of real statesmanship or leadership!

  7. He’s Young Sheldon. But somehow, I don’t think the media will want to report on his history of frequenting gloryholes at adult movie theaters, truck stop bathrooms, taking ecstasy, MDMA or amyl nitrate before finding a butthole that he could permanently see himself in.

    No one has followed with anyone he served with that I’ve seen. Funny that. If he had squad members lining up to endorse him, we would have seen it, no?

  8. I’m thinking a “Beto-Buttigeig” campaign poster would be hilarious on the face of it – go ahead, say it out loud!

  9. Hi is hole-y unqualified to be President. He is qualified to work on Hollywood Blvd, selling his hole to pervs.

  10. LOL! Yeah, a gay Charlie McCarthy’s incarnation. Who is Buttleague’s demon possessed puppet master?

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