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Maintaining this level of hysteria is starting to backfire


Patriot Retort:

Choosing the hysteria route is never a good idea.

Funny, but I thought everybody knew that.

Well, everybody except tiny children.

But this is exactly the route the Left is taking in their effort to undermine the Republic, oust a democratically-elected President and destroy our Freedom.

And like tiny children, they really do believe that screaming incessantly will get them what they want.

Leftists always push too hard and too far.

That’s the problem when you have no internal filter and are governed almost entirely by the Id.

Let’s be honest, every small child in the world behaves this way. They want what they want when they want it.

But we expect it from toddlers. From adults? Not so much.  read more

21 Comments on Maintaining this level of hysteria is starting to backfire

  1. I left this msg on the WH website the other day. We All need to tell this President we approve of what he is doing.

    Dear Mr. President,

    Don’t be dismayed by the attacks by your own party, the propaganda media, the antifa communist and dozens of other people and groups who are trying to stop you from making America Great again.
    There are a lot of smart people out here that know the truth about what is going on and we are with you.
    May I suggest you visit to get an idea of the support and what true American patriots are saying?
    Keep doing what you are doing and speaking the truth about the violent left and the spineless republicans.

    Thank You.

  2. The “Hysteria” seems to be increasing proportionate to the fading of the Russian narrative. When’s the last time Mueller was in the news.

  3. @Brad
    Mueller is quiet because all the info he has collected is accidentally concrete evidence the Democraps have committed multiple felonies.

  4. Thanks…I went and left a similar message too. I’m sure he didn’t achieve all he has in life without knowing how to ignore the idiot naysayers, but I’d think he would still benefit from knowing he has an ocean of supporters.

  5. “An ocean of supporters.” So true, and so well put.

    “Hysteria.” Over half of the Left are very young females. Too young to have a clue.

    Moldylocks and her Antifa sisters don’t seem equipped to manage everyday stress successfully, much less stay upright and avoid being the very first trampled in a riot.
    Hard to throw a punch while crying.

  6. A good friend, my sister and I think the whole Charlottesville narrative has been “ginned up” by the media. But since we think ALL of the media are a bunch of sluts and giggers (male sluts), we have paid no never mind! GO Trump

  7. Jethro

    My point is expect to see a lot more violence by the Democrat sponsored Goon Squads. I heard this morning that the Mayor of Phoenix requested Trump cancel Tuedsay’s rally because Phoenix Sheriffs Department says Antifa is busing in 10K protesters.

  8. Sounds like a great place to deploy an LRAD….if that isn’t enough, an AC130 definitely would get results

  9. “So we run from them? I don’t think so!”

    That’s a lot of buses. There’s not that many Highways in and out of Phoenix. Get them on the road while they’re trapped in a large steel can.

  10. Aw honey… you’ll feel better if you just throw this poo-balloon at that mean blue policeman over there. He’s the one makin’ ya feel bad. Good shot! Oops, gotta run now!

  11. Antifa-Taliban Needs You! Even if you can’t swing a bat… you can fill feces and urine balloons! Your donation is urgently needed!

  12. The Democrap Party, the Republicrap Party, Media and rich corporate moguls have all given the thugs permission to commit much more thuggery in order to wipe out all that hate coming from the Bill of Rights supporters and defenders!

  13. BB (all) then the guv of AZ needs to call out the Nat’l Guard if there are self-avowed anti-free speech goons planning an attack on law-abiding people, doesn’t he.

  14. AA

    Agreed. You don’t need a permit in AZ to carry concealed. Everyone carries. I’m thinking id Antifa shows up and starts their usual a few of them will be shot. Because you just KNOW there’s some rednecks planning a reception.

  15. Erasing history seems to be in vogue lately. Let’s see an event that makes Kent State so trifling no one will ever even mention it again.

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