Major Layoffs Expected at ‘Sports Illustrated’


Only four months after taking over Sports Illustrated, the publisher Authentic Brands is preparing to lay off up to 40 employees.

“TheMaven,” which licensed the sports journal from AB in June, is looking to overhaul the magazine’s production, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal also reported that after laying off the employees, TheMaven intends to replace the employees with contracted reporters to cover sports. MORE

20 Comments on Major Layoffs Expected at ‘Sports Illustrated’

  1. Sports and news magazines have no purpose in today’s world. Swimsuit edition doesn’t even serve a purpose.

  2. PHenry,
    Sports and news magazines WOULD serve a purpose, if they returned to their original purpose, i.e., NEWS and SPORTS, instead of preaching a Libtard agenda. No one wants to be preached to, when all they want is to be informed and entertained.

  3. Used to love SI as a kid. Sad, but another great piece of Americana destroyed by the left.

    Man, what’s with glamourized gluttonous fat women? The Michele Obama legacy. Yech.

  4. I hear rumors that these mags are stuffed full of politics, but I have no first hand knowledge. I haven’t seen a SI in over a decade.

  5. Amazing when you trash a winning business model and go social justice, lbgtqrs, and celebrate ugly fat chicks what happens to your bottom line. I can only imagine the content inside has equally turned to a biased Trump hate agenda that most sports writers embrace.

  6. Uncle Al nailed it. Not mentioned in the article is that Sports Illustrated is owned by Time Inc. which is as non-biased as they come. /s

  7. Everyone was forced to express their love the “Burkini” or be labeled a racist and Islamophobe. So, in public they said it was beautiful.

    Everyone was forced to accept significantly overweight swimsuit models, so they did in public.

    Everone is being forced to accept transgenders in sports so they do, In public.


    They cannot force you to reach into you wallet voluntarily buy what no one wants. They can only create a government subsidy to support what no one wants.

    Until… The privacy of the voting booth corrects the bad policies.

    Stay free America and protect the legitimacy of the vote and your $$$!

  8. The Steps to Failure in the USSAR:

    1. Get Woke.

    2. Go Broke.

    No one wants to see fat chicks in string bikinis.

  9. SI doesn’t even rate as a naked boob magazine. They just show women, lately fat ones, in bikinis. Why bother shelling out 4 bucks or so for a magazine when we can just go to the beach and see the real thing for free?

    The magazine has gone way, way down since the first issue showing Eddie Matthews hitting a home run.

  10. When Luce became an avid liberal in ’65 she turned many off. Her empire started to crumble. After 25 years of decline it was taken over by the also financially weak warner. Too big to fail may be good politics but not in the market. the failing (financially) co has been merged into may since the. And been forced to “sell’ (give away) many of its “assets” SI has been sold many times since 1965.

    But the liberal/progressive managers Clare put in place hired others just as liberal as they; and so on. kapernick is the latest example of the liberalism Clare initiated decades ago. Yes she like Mitt was a Republican. and like Mitt she was liberal.

  11. Sports Infiltrated would be a more apt name for that glossy scrap paper assemblage. The libs ruin everything.


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