Major Space Force Units to Be Called Deltas, Officials Announce The U.S. Space Force has determined how it will be organized, right down to the squadron level.

The newest military branch on Tuesday announced that it will operate with three primary field commands, responsible for training space professionals; acquiring space systems from industry; and supporting combatant commanders with space force personnel and capabilities.

The three primary field commands expected to be activated later this summer are: Space Operations Command (SpOC), Space Systems Command (SSC), and Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM), according to a release.

In the Air Force, subordinate to its headquarters is the major command, which is then composed of a numbered air force, wing, group, squadron and flight. The Space Force by comparison will only have three echelons of command: the field commands, deltas and squadrons, officials said. MORE

11 Comments on Major Space Force Units to Be Called Deltas, Officials Announce

  1. Seems like they could have come up with a different name, so as not to be confused with the Army’s Delta Force.

    There are quite a few more Greek letters to choose from. What about the Omicron Force? Of course, they wouldn’t want to use Pi Force or they would be laughed out of the military!

    Wait, the Zeta Force. That sounds like a phaser blast from Star Trek. They already have a Star Trek inspired logo.

  2. Claudia beat me to the punch regarding Delta Force. Come on, people, we can come up with a better name than “Deltas”! Already taken!! :^(

  3. Space Operations Command (SpOC)! Really! Nice they named something after Leonard Nimoy’s character. Hell, SNS is right they should have used StarFleet as well.

  4. Chuck was Air Force. I thought the SPOC was a nice touch.

    Also don’t like the Delta designation, then again…The Delta’s ruled

    Animal House.

  5. Who ever decided on “delta” are “LIMAs” (LOSERS).
    You gain nothing from trying to attach yourself to Delta Force other than ridicule. Air Farce, huh?


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