Major Study Confirms That Nicotine Is Bad For Bees

A large scale study of the effect of neonicotinoids type pesticide’s impact on bees has found that the use of the popular bug killer makes weak bee colonies even weaker. Another study done on the popular insecticide found that the substance lingers in the environment much longer than thought, thus continuing the damage to bee populations.

While the nations of Europe and a few others have banned various neonicotinoids products, they are still available in The United States.








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  1. PSA to all bees: “Smoking’ s bad for you. If you smoke, quit. If you don’t smoke, don’t start.”

    You’re welcome.

  2. @Tar – your headline is misleading – nothing was CONFIRMED the article says neonicotinoids CAN cause problems for bees

    P.S. Who says any “scientific” study done in Europe is accurate? These are the people that think mass migration by Muslims is beneficial to their culture

    The headline is accurate. The research was done in three different countries over wide areas over a long time. Only the bees in Germany seemed relatively unscathed, those in the UK and Hungary that were already stressed with other problems were badly affected when they had to cope with the pesticide as well. The large scale study explained a lot about the inconsistency in findings of smaller studies (that lacked the scale and time) and puts them in to context that future researchers can follow up on and try to confirm or deny.

    Dr. Tar

  3. One of these days someone is gonna do a study that determines that lead is detrimental to bureaucrats.

  4. The last thing we need is for the government to get involved. They’ll waste billions, take forever, come to many wrong conclusions, then ask for billions more to figure out what they did wrong the last time.

  5. “..but on German farms, the honey bees did just fine, suggesting that in some situations colonies can weather the toxicity.”

    Or suggesting this study is more government grant-gobbling bullshit.

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