Majority of Americans Say They’re Personally Affected by Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis

Neon Nettle: A large portion of Americans say they have been “personally” affected by supply chain shortages under Joe Biden, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey found. MORE

18 Comments on Majority of Americans Say They’re Personally Affected by Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis

  1. If you want to foul something up, get the government involved!
    If you REALLY want to fuck something up, get Jackass Joe’s administration involved!!

  2. I’m affected. Got my sleep study back today and have severe sleep apnea. Stopped breathing 150 times and had 74% oxygen level. My apap machine is on back order for at least 2 months! Who else is hurting the same? Definitely not FJB!

  3. “…there’s not as much freedom as there used to be.”

    Definitely less freedom of choice. You take what’s left on the shelf, and you like it. Bernie warned us that we had too many different deodorants.

  4. I’m out of American justice. The justice supply train blew up, derailed and the train company was sold to the Chinese.

  5. I’m already in survival mode and am stocking up on the things that I need before everyone figures this out. I can still find canned tomato products, beans and rice (you can live healthy on beans and rice together), pastas, canned veggies though I despise them usually, broths and any canned meats I can find. Also dried peas and lentils. Once any fancy foods are gone you need to live. Most of that stuff is available at pretty good prices still. Most importantly coffee and a camping type percolator.

  6. Things are fairly “normal” in my neck of the woods. Off topic: I was hired to entertain at a birthday party on Monday evening. Strangely the guy whose birthday it was and who hired me over the phone was a guy who blew up at me a few years ago when I offended his “political sensitivities”. I didn’t know it at the time but learned later so I had apprehensions about playing. Turned out both liberals and conservatives attended and everyone got along swimmingly, I didn’t hear anyone talking politics, and NO ONE WORE A MASK. There is hope.


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