Majority of House Democrat Votes Are for Nonbinding Measures

DNC: The majority of votes taken by House Democrats in the past four legislative weeks have been nonbinding, according to a study conducted by Roll Call. About one in five votes have been nonbinding, meaning that these House resolutions don’t pass new laws, but instead serve as large scale messaging.

House Democrats have passed nonbinding resolutions on issues such as calling for the full Mueller report, opposing President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the military, opposing Trump’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act, and condemning all forms of hate after repeated anti-Semitic statements from one of their own members, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.).

Democratic leadership has acknowledged that passing these measures is more intended to send signals of Democratic beliefs to the American people than it is to advance legislation into law.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) said that the nonbinding resolutions are for “telling the American people what we believe and what we think ought to be done.”

Other House Democrats echoed his words.  MORE

11 Comments on Majority of House Democrat Votes Are for Nonbinding Measures

  1. Hey Steny Hoyer, heres a resolution I think should be done. It involves your cranium and your rectum. Pull the first out of the second and do your job.

  2. Nothing of legislative significance is going to happen until Trump gets the House back in 2021, so we may as well direct our attention elsewhere. Like Executive Orders, building the wall, arresting illegals and their employers, etc.

  3. All Democrats today are subversives to the Constitution!
    A truly brave, ethical Black, former Democrat Congressional representative, kicked out by rigged Georgia voting because she would not sign a pledge of loyalty to Israel. No way did the Democrats want her to remain in Congress to keep exposing government corruption.

    Cynthia McKinney: Truth About 9/11, 2008 Bailouts And The Sinister DEEP STATE –

    Cynthia Ann McKinney, Georgia’s first African-American Congresswoman

  4. The U.S. House Democrat Caucus is the world’s most expensive gaggle of virtue-signaling collectivist progressive power-mad arrogant self-isolated grandstanding sneering booger-eating pedophile-enabling nihilistic magical-thinking fart-cupping narcissists EVAH!

  5. Just a wee bit thin on adjectives, Uncle Al. 😉

    The United States Of America needs to RESET its Congress and The Constitution.

  6. I’m so old I remember when “make them live up to their own rules” was practiced. By the left.


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