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Make Airstrikes Great Again

Patriot Retort:

Yesterday somebody in the Biden Administration ordered airstrikes on Syria.

Who ordered it exactly?

Who the hell knows?

Just a few days ago, OAN’s Jack Posobiec gave everyone a head’s up about the White House’s obsession with Syria.

Whoever Jack’s sources might be, they know their stuff.

And last night Posobiec reported that Kamala Harris was left out of the loop: more

SNIP: Is this the part where Biden disagrees with Kammy so now he’s going to fake an illness and quit? Hmm?

9 Comments on Make Airstrikes Great Again

  1. Boeing ordered it.

    Their civilian shit keeps fucking up, so they need some mil spec sales.

    Seriously, they are becoming an advertising agency for Airbus.

  2. Soon we will all (left and right) be pissed for the same reason: that Biden was fraudulently chosen to lead this country.

    Also soon, it will be hard to find anyone who will admit to having voted for this cretin.

  3. On Quora there was some question again asking about how rotten Trump was at President.

    Someone gave a long list. The first thing on the list was how Trump had the Iranian general assassinated which almost caused a war with Iran. The second thing on the list was how Trump let Iran attack Americans with impunity. No kidding.

    Of course, the person who gave that answer disabled commenting. Some people are sure stupid.

  4. I don’t care.
    What I do care about is giving Iran money* to negotiate on the nuclear deal that will ultimately arm Iran’s crazy Mullahs with nuclear weapons
    * Money that will fund even more terrorist activities.

  5. Thank you Joey.

    You have not guarranteed President Trump’s towering place above ALL US Presidents in the post-industrial era.

    Trump alone stands tall as the only President who didn’t start some bullshit war for political cover, for profits for the military-industrial welfare cabal, for shits and giggles, etc etc

    Plus he sincerely respected our men in uniform, unlike all the others- hypocrits who threw our finest into peril. Unequivocal evidence is his REAL REFORM of the goddamn VetAdministration CESSPOOL of hypocrit parasites. (a den of thieves that has existed during the ENTIRE history of the USA)

    For the record, I am not a pacifist. You tell me why we’ve LOST every war since WWII? And what did we gain in any of those post WWII engagements? Fuckin murderous liars.

  6. Joey has now guarranteed. this internet sucks

  7. The janitor was last seen with the “Football” so that leaves the window washer woman.

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