Make Colorado Great Again

According to Sundance at Conservative Treehouse, this ad begins airing in Denver and Colorado Springs today. Watch

15 Comments on Make Colorado Great Again

  1. Try and top that, Bernie! Go ahead, Bloomyboy, spend another hundred million on television advertisements that don’t come close to this event. Our Poor Joey can’t afford to advertise in Colorado, but it doesn’t matter, because Colorado is MAGA Country now!

  2. Donald Trump fearlessly tells it like it is to the failed elites who have misgoverned America. Unlike Obama, Trump truly IS the transformational leader the American people have been waiting for to bring America back from the violence, economic despair, and hopelessness created by the political establishment and their media accomplices. The man and the moment have met.
    I’m so glad this man is the messenger of the American people.

  3. Great ad, but see yesterday’s post on 3 ways dems will cheat in the election. I know it’s tempting, but don’t get over-confident; we need every vote!

  4. Have to drive down to CO tomorrow and not feeling great about it.
    Crossing that border feels like entering enemy territory.

  5. thank God the democrats are too stupid to embrace the greatness of America and her citizens and keep on campaigning on issues like free health care and open borders and tax the rich.

  6. And yet the libs foolishly keep claiming they are the majority. They’ve been doing it for over 100 years. Want proof? Look up what “Bolshevik” means…

  7. The dem CO congress is out of control for year 2. Fled the state in 2017 seeing where 2018 would finally take CO and haven’t looked back. I think the state is gone but there are some really conservative areas and some great people, some are blue collar dems down south of the springs. Libtards in populated cities are probably going to pull the leftist lunatic that wins their primary over the finish line. Doesn’t hurt to try.

  8. I wish Colorado’s GOP would stop being Bush lite and back the President. Right now we are on the verge of being East Kalifornia. Even in El Paso county, we have a Sheriff that backs the red Flag law. Thankfully he is term limited.


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