“Make Spain great again!”

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In an area where the socialists have ruled unchallenged since the first autonomous elections in 1982, to be reduced to 33 seats with 27.9% of the votes was a humiliation. This humiliation was sharpened by the fact that the Socialist premier of Andalusia, Susana Diaz, called the elections early (they were scheduled to take place in March 2019). She believed that her mandate would be strengthened and her assumed victory would consolidate the Socialist government at a national level. The very opposite happened.

This regional election demonstrated both the decline of the Spanish left in general, and a corresponding rise in the rise of the right across Andalusia.

It begins: Party that wants to “make Spain great again” storms the polls

By Voice of Europe 5 December 2018:

As Voice of Europe reported, for the first time in decades a right-wing party won seats in a large Spanish region.

By gaining 12 parliamentary seats in Andalusia, Vox shocked and gave a strong blow to Spain’s left.

For a lot of Spaniards the result of Santiago Abascal’s Vox came as a surprise, but probably not for the leader himself. We are “in step with what millions of Spaniards think,” Abascal said earlier.  MORE

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  1. We are in a World battle of Good V Evil and We’re Winning.
    The old Guard Families are going to have to blend with Humanity now and repay debts, or face Death.

  2. I’m hopeful but remember, “leftwing” is the same thing in the US and Europe but there is no corresponding political philosophy in Europe similar to what we call “rightwing” in the US.

  3. I’ll know they’re on the comeback trail, when firearms mfg. returns to the Eibar region. It’s been shuttered for almost 22 years, which is, 22 years TOO long.


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