Makeup artist is impressive


Taylor Swift –

Johnny Depp –

Girl with a pearl earring-

Hey honey, I feel like going to bed with Marilyn Monroe tonight. Can you make it happen?


14 Comments on Makeup artist is impressive

  1. Pretty impressive! She has that Johnny Depp ‘smokey-pouty’ look down pat. And her Einstein is great.

  2. not a bad idea … we can CGI these no-talent hacks right out of existence … saving the world with having to bother w/ their incessant blather (as if they actually had something sensible to say w/out someone else writing it for them). Hell, it works great for Carrie Fisher’s carrier. Disney keeps digging her up w/ every new Star Bores movie.

    and as an added bonus we won’t have to put up w/ all their drooling idiot children

  3. The makeup artists who make Fat Mike Obama look anything like a woman make this girl look like an amateur.

  4. Sorry in advance for off topic comment, but didn’t want to ask on .45-70 post. Why is Brad in self-imposed exile? I hope it isn’t still over LIR, I thought he was finally seeing the light on that deal.

  5. I’ve always said that makeup artists are the most talented people in Hellywood – making silk purses from sows ears daily.


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