MAKING A LIST: Occasional-Cortex Posts List of Personal ‘Accomplishments’ for 2018

Hannity: Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a list of personal accomplishments on social media over the weekend; saying critics should “admit” they “hold us to a higher standard than others.”

“To all those saying we ‘haven’t accomplished anything’ here’s *some* of 2018:
1. Won primary while outspent 10-1
2. Pushed #GreenNewDeal to natl convo
3. Shone new lvl transparency to gov
…all before swearing in. Admit you hold us to a higher standard than others & move on,” she tweeted. more

21 Comments on MAKING A LIST: Occasional-Cortex Posts List of Personal ‘Accomplishments’ for 2018

  1. ” Successfully made dookie without any hand clapping”…
    ” Trimmed my toenails by myself “…
    ” Fostered a hamster “…
    “Raised a new generation of goldfish “…
    “Drool less while sleeping “…
    ” Found car in a three level parking lot, but it wasn’t mine “…
    ” Ate pizza with anchovies “…
    “Cooked a ham that was already cooked “….
    ” Sliced an onion without bleeding “….

  2. Made a boom boom all by myself, and I didn’t need help wiping.
    Saved the ducks at the duck pond, only two drowned. My greatest accomplishment was learning how to rewind my dvds.

  3. I wonder if she’ll have a defensive line in Congress or if they’ll let her take the hits all on her own?

  4. “… Admit you hold us to a higher standard than others & move on,”

    Bet yer’ ass you ignorant, blithering moron. You sit at the table to decide policy for the pre-eminent nation on the face of the planet. A society that has NEVER seen its like in all of history.

    You bet your simplistic ass we hold you to a higher standard. If you yourself do not, resign your office and go home. Hubris and ignorance are not qualifications for the office you inexplicably have found yourself holding. Do the right thing for the nation. Resign before you cause harm.

  5. count to 10 w/out taking her shoes off
    walk & chew gum at the same time … does stumbling count?
    rub her tummy & pat her head at the same time … once in a row
    dial 9-1-1 w/out forgetting the number … again
    put ‘tgif’ on her shoes to remember …. ‘toes go in first’
    became the leading ‘gaffer’ in the democRat party without holding one day in office …. Joe Biden is jealous

  6. “Shone”.
    If we held them to a higher standard, every fucking one of them would be doing hard time.
    Looks good, on paper, to an idiot I guess…
    It just occurred to me she’s every blond joke I ever heard

  7. The Demonrats must be running a competition to have the largest number of idiot members.
    Kind of reminds of a party organized by a bunch of guys – wherein the secret goal is to determine who could invite and attend with the ugliest date.

  8. Are her words some kind of new, political techno-babble abbreviation system that only socialists understand? Or just that of a retard? I can’t tell.

  9. Anonymous, I seriously believe the Jester from Westchester meant “shown”. You watch, she’s going to cry that she’s ESL, didn’t learn Eenglezz so well in the barrio.


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