Male Hockey Player Sends Female to ER with Concussion During NHL-Sponsored ‘All-Trans’ Tournament – IOTW Report

Male Hockey Player Sends Female to ER with Concussion During NHL-Sponsored ‘All-Trans’ Tournament

Breitbart- Last month the National Hockey League celebrated a transgender hockey tournament for trans “women” to play against natural-born female competitors. Unfortunately, that tournament reportedly ended with a female player being seriously injured by a trans “woman.” MORE

17 Comments on Male Hockey Player Sends Female to ER with Concussion During NHL-Sponsored ‘All-Trans’ Tournament

  1. The faggot probably meant to do it. Of all the shitheads I have ever known it was a seething faggot who had a seething hatred of women, and liked nothing better than to hurt them.

  2. I am confused. Women can do anything men can do. Why is this a news story?
    Are you saying that hockey is a dangerous sport? Or are you saying that hockey should “dumb down” or restrict players from physically engaging with opponents based on sexual orientation?

  3. News flash, hockey is a full contact sport. The transvestites should stick with touch football or a game of Twister.

    Trans-Hockey over takes WNBA in viewers. Record number of viewers estimated by at least 25.
    More than a Biden rally.

  5. The NHL’s hockey team in Toronto will now be known as the ‘TORONTO FIG LEAFS’ and their mascot will be a throbbing adams apple in fish nets….dontcha know eh?…

  6. Transvestites are dangerously unhinged people. Ask any cop which is the most dangerous suspect to approach on the street: they’ll tell you it’s lunatics like this man playing hockey in a dress.

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  8. A lot of people like to say it’s great to give the trans mentally disordered their own leagues but I think it’s generally seen as male pretending to be woman.
    Just because a few women want to dress like men and take drugs to develop scant facial hair doesn’t mean they ever get as big and strong as naturally born men.


  9. LocoBlancoSaltine———————They’re hookers you idiot. Stop putting stupid stuff like this on this web site.

  10. I played Hockey my whole life.
    Very Competitively.

    The VIDEO actually DOES NOT show a Full Contact HIT.

    What it shows is a shakey skater, who turned towards the Boards with Her Head down & the Pink player making Slight Interfering Contact with a player who was already off balance. Looks like a brushing of arms with some stick checking towards the puck. Nothing remotely rough.

    It was not a Body Check, & she could have easily hurt herself just as bad by taking a hard turn with speed and sliding out and into the boards out of control.

    Now, to say it was SHIT HOCKEY for complete amateurs is 100% correct.

  11. If I wanted to be funny or mean I would have said;

    Tripped on Her Own Dick.

    But I didn’t.
    I’m Nice.
    Even Peacefull.

    Just don’t Give me a Hockey Stick!

  12. The Left supports women, believes in the equality of women to men……but ignores differences, is unable to grasp that males and females are different and when combined in life experience bring a balance of abilities, combined they exceed the chances of survival over two men or two women. Adding to this inability to accept or even grasp this reality, and clinging to a narrow concept of Life, they put their agenda driven, a kind of madness, ahead of reality and empathy…therefore, they will destroy women, their sports, their value to life in order to impose their cruel concepts. Expect another decade of scourges such as child mutilations, female Karen’s and the number of female murders until, like ear plugs, foot binding, head elongation, electro shock, radium painting, lobotomies for hysteria, Valium, transitioning men and The View will move on to be replaced by Democrats, only Democrats.

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